You be the judge!

Grobo has decided to not do business with me…

Grobo boasts about respecting and supporting WOMEN and MINORITIES in their business, but I definitely think they dropped the ball here…

Most businesses right now are extremely appreciative for customers to be spending their STIMULUS with them… Grobo Support has decided that they don’t want my money at all!



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Being a small business owner I completely understand the Grobo Team’s position. Putting them on blast is not an effective way to deal with this type of issue. If your goal is to have your unit replaced with a new one I would recommend deleting this thread and privately messaging the necessary parties regarding your issue. I hope you’re able to work it out in the most amicable fashion.


I think you came to wrong place if you need other people to judge your problem.

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Maybe I missed something, but I did not see any mention of Grobo not wanting to do business with you. I don’t think you will find much, if any, sympathy here with your post.

Were you expecting Grobo to provide onsite support? That’s something that large companies are moving away from. Trust me I work in tech and it is very difficult to get onsite support. Companies like Dell and HP are moving away from onsite support to a subscription model where defective computers are simply replaced.

Anywho, I digress. With a tone like this you may have answered your own question about why.

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I see no mention of an issue regarding your gender or race. Low blow bringing that up. They are CLEARLY trying to help you with your issue.

+3 for grobo support


hey @Cahgirl3398. sorry, i’m not sure what the issue here is without additional context. it appears that you’re requesting a full refund/replacement for your Grobo and the Grobo team is accepting the refund request. if you’re looking to get a replacement, can you order another Grobo while the other machine gets shipped back?

good luck, hope your issue gets resolved. it may be best to speak to them privately. i’m sure the Grobo team wants your business and wants to get you growing too

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You be the judge

  • (I would say that the [GroboTeam] is being as fair as they can be for the unfortunate imperfections that your Unit has): (As they mentioned take one of their offers and move on with growing in your unit): :woman_judge:




Well I gotta say. I dont agree. My Grobo solid came with slight packaging damage, but not enough to damage the machine after unpacking. I had a few issues with the wireless connection , but that is about it. Danielle has been EXCELLENT…From a level one troubleshooting, I wish my company helpdesk was as pleasant.


I can only say I had the same problem With my order on June 22 and just don’t see it being an issue as long as my machine functions like it’s suppose…so far so good but the long haul will tell…and if there is a issue down the line I would expect Grobo to do the same what they are trying to do for you…but good luck and test it out unless you’re not fine with the cosmetics part

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Does hurt to see your good money go and come back with less than perfect product…mine came upside down when it clearly states This Side Up on box…postal service

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@Cahgirl3398 i’m sorry to hear that. it must be frustrating to receive a damaged product when you had been waiting several weeks for it! it’s a huge inconvenience. I am sure the Grobo team and you can work something out.

Same here.

I am on the fence of purchasing one of these Grobo machines :neutral_face:I love to read these posts with owners of a Grabo box seems to be pretty even with satisfaction and dissatisfaction I will keep observing conversations before I make a Move on a purchase.

Ive dealt with @Danielle several times, she’s my go to and she’s awesome!



Reading the email chain between erica and grobo support was utterly painful. It’s clear that Erica is not listening to support.

I too have a shipping dent/issue. My back panel is not %100 flush and my door wasn’t flush as well. However, I spoke to support (emailed w pictures/vid from an iPhone) @Stephen responded much like support who contacted you initially.

Your door will close once you remove the tape. The black gasket is BRAND NEW so it’ll take a bit to adjust. The locking mechanism MAY not work on first go. If that’s an issue, bend the locking door tongue upwards slightly. It’ll lock when you hear the click.

As for your screws, it’s called a screwdriver. Take a $100 discount on your next purchase for 5 min of work (at most). I agree, the dent sucks, but if you want you money back why put the sticker on? A restocking fee is absolutely normal for any company, especially if it’s only cosmetic damage you’re complaining about. .

I’m on day 96 of my first grow. My back panel has cosmetic slight damage (Warped), my door wouldn’t close initially. You can still grow with a dent. Does it look lame, yes. Would I be disappointed? Absolutely. I wouldn’t blast this company. Adding the chain does not help your cause.

This community is here to help you, we are a great community. Please help yourself by working with this excellent company and great group of people.

You be the judge. :thinking::man_shrugging:t2::herb:


Day 5 and she has life in her…Grobo working well at the moment!..but my question is when does nutes start to kick in?image|375x500

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Hey @Cutty3026 start a thread for your grow so we can track and answer questions there brother.


She is great. Very helpful and keeps you posted on everything she is doing to help you. I think the whole support team at Grobo is great.