Windowsill Candy Cane Auto

Candy Cane Auto take two…

Germinated in paper towels. Thought it was a dud possibly but after roughly 60 hours (2 1/2 days) it sprouted.

Planted in Happy Frog soil.

The soil looks kinda wet in this picture but I didn’t add a lot of water, gave it a little bit before planting the seed and then dropped a couple cap fulls over top.


Congrats!! :seedling:


Thanks @Angiebaby … 3 out of 3 with my germination attempts… twice in the Grobo and once outside :slight_smile:

This is more or less a science experiment for sure. Really interested to see how much I can get from this with very minimal nutrients besides the soil. I have a little sample of “Floralicious Plus” from General Hydroponics I might use in veg… got it at work as a freebie… :wink:



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Two days after planting, decided to move the dirt carefully to see if anything was alive down there. Never grew a seedling in soil before so was worried I planted too deep or over watered.

Found signs of life! Figured I’d let it uncovered now

I came home after working around 300 plants of a strain called Citrus Sap at work… man I reek like Tangie today :slight_smile: Can’t complain…


Congrats on your soil seedling :seedling:!

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I hope I didn’t disturb it too much from uncovering it. It kinda looks like it got a little skinnier/shriveled a bit… but at the same time, it kinda looks like it’s standing up straight in an upside down “U” shape more now than on it’s side from the pic above. so hard to tell…

Hope she holds on!

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Good pic, yes, she does look stronger. :muscle:

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Go girl, go! She grew overnight a bit. Kinda yellowish but that seems normal imo since she had hardly no real sunlight since I planted her. It’s been cloudy and rainy

Looks like sun is coming this morning/afternoon so hopefully she’ll be happy when she sees it :slight_smile:



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Naming this one Minnie :woozy_face: She enjoyed some sun today and turned green :slight_smile:


Gave her some sun all day and moved the pot around. Gonna be rainy tomorrow so I figured I’d do my best today. She only opened up halfway, and the one cotyledon has some yellow markings on it. Kinda cool. Very different start of life compared to the Grobo which has a sun fixed right above the seedling from the start. She stretched just enough to peek over the top of the pot and get some of the sun. Awesome to watch them adapt.

I am interested to see how much she grows overnight with the energy she got from the day.

Good bye sun! Till next time.


Yesterday was pretty cloudy for the most part, and today there was some sun finally. She is definitely looking for the sun as much as she can. Hoping she can hang on. Less leaf growth than I would have liked but still kicking nonetheless


@SilverGrobo I am hoping that it’s not a male… of course haha! I think the tall part is coming from the lack of sunlight from the window because there isn’t a ton of sun lately, and it’s also not directly in the window itself. I wanted to plant in a pot that was large enough to contain a bigger plant if needed. I heard transplanting autoflowers is risky too so I wanted to birth her in the home she would be staying in. I actually cheated and gave her some light from the Grobo last night for about two hours to help her through this stage. I also put in some supports to hopefully prevent any tip overs


So it’s been about 10 days since I planted Minnie…

She finally has shown some further growth after appearing stagnant for a couple days.

She grew vertically a bit from the cotyledons, which differed from the Grobo grows due to lack of light and stretching.

I mounded more soil and buried her until about an inch and half was sticking out now. You can see the difference from the previous photos.

Finally her third and fourth leaves have started too! It’s hard to see in the pics but they are there and very tiny ! Mini Minnie Leaves !

Yes I am giving her some Grobo light to get past this early stage of stretching until she can grow a bit haha! So not completely a windowsill grow but I try to supplement a little bit here and there.

I am well aware of the risks involved with the Grobo door open… Less light reflection on my Grobo plant, and an increased risk of bugs/pests…

However, I really don’t think it’s much different than the risks of having a grow tent, or even outdoor grows that have little to no protection from pests. Also, Minnie is out in an open room too so she is always at risk. O_O! I plan on stopping here once she forms her first sets of leaves and is able to photosynthesize more efficiently. I was most concerned about the vigorous stretching and spindle like appearance that showed she needed some supplemental light for sure. Trying to take care of her the best I can to try to make it grow. Yield or amount of flowers on this windowsill grow is not of concern. One small bud would be a victory for me, whether it had the right light to grow big or anything is not a worry either.

I have the humidifier running in the room as well for both plants’ benefit. When I have my days off I can sit and control the environment a bit more and have the time to give my potted plants the early morning sun and move them as the sun moves in the sky, little extra love and light :smiley:


Minnie is working her magic the only way she knows how, haha! Slow and patient…

I know the lack of sunlight is the reason for slow growth but it’s cool to see her grow in her own way albeit slow.

Since she is buried pretty far up, I use a syringe to feed water below… I have only watered like once every 4-5 days at this point with like 10 mL at a time if that


Minnie power! She is a slow one. Still moving in a positive direction though. Little more vertical and some leaf growth. Still way behind anything the Grobo would do obviously, or grow lights. White stuff is Diatomaceous earth.

Style shots from a couple days ago: