Whole plant hang for drying


First time my plant has stayed stout enough to allow me to do a whole plant hang inside the Grobo unit. Very excited, should see much better results with this method :call_me_hand:t3:


Could you please elaborate as to why you think you’ll get better results hanging whole plant as opposed to branches? Thanks


When I’m referring to better results, I’m strictly using this in comparison vs my last (2) harvests.

There are many factors that come into play such as your region, it may or may not be more humid than another region. It’s a personal preference I’ve learned and done a lot of reading on and come to see first hand has a better return. It’s allowing the plant to dry a little slower and protect the buds from turning to crumble.

Again, this has been with my experience only, I cannot speak for anyone else or their beliefs and techniques.


I know I wont be able to do it. My girl is too tall barely fits in the grobo.


I agree @rich. I’ve seen it done both ways and hanging the whole seemed better. From what I’ve tried anyway. I’ll be doing this to mine if I can as well :+1:



((#DryingTheWholeCarcass))… ((#YouDoneIt))… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hearts:

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Hey @Rich

That’s a lot of plant to dry out. :grimacing: I’d love to know how long that took to dry adequately to hit jars? Keeps us posted on results. :+1:

This guy pretty much uses my preferred method. Not sure who he is but I agree with a lot of his reasoning:


It was the entire (5) day cycle. There were a select few buds that were ready on day (4), however the whole plant hang seemed to yield much better quality biomass overall.

If you are able to do the whole plant dry method I would highly recommend it!

As far as final product, I’m happy with quality, but these yields are tough and I’m not sure how achieving 3oz is realistic with this light intensity. Would be awesome to be able to upgrade the lighting assembly to a higher wattage.


Yeah I’m waiting to see someone get 3 Oz’s still, not sure if I’ve seen anyone get that much yet


I’ve hardly seen anyone posting final pictures of their final biomass which makes me question are people inflating their yield numbers?


Stephen said it was designed to yield 2oz or so. I don’t think there’s space for much more than that.


Well when they were marketing it they said 2-3 oz is obtainable.


It’s advertised for 3oz, space or not the wattage is not strong enough to produce that amount of biomass.

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I dont think the space or wattage. My girl just got a burned bud because shes too tall. I’ve tried to push the cocopod through the lid but its stuck. Her roots are too big and its wedged.


We can agree to disagree, but both of those aspects play crucial roles in the outcome of your harvest.

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I’m agreeing with you. I’m not disputing you. I’m saying we need more space and wattage.


My numbers are legit and my soil grow of OG Kush will be comparable with that being said light is critical factor for bud mass and yield, I’ve yet to see 3ozs of prime bud yet from a grobo. My best haul came in at 55g dry and some decent popcorn, larf bud. Next grow I’ll post up she flips in to transition in 2 days. :+1:


Not you. Lol. There are the select few who come on and share which excites me, I just get curious as to why we don’t see more.


Hehe, I know. I wanted to interject and back up claims of light strength.


Would be nice to have the option to buy an upgraded assembly kit. Wonder how the unit would respond to some customization :joy: say 400-500 watts of some true MH or HPS output.