White Widow


Yea I did my trim right before flower then at week three flowering and then after that it’s ehstever is covering up a bud site


I’ve been trimming none stop. This plant is on steroids and keeps pushing out these massive fan leaves.


After hair cut.

Few leaves that were starved of light in the back and some spotting.


Looking good man!!


What’s the sporting from. I have it on my outdoor indoor transplants


I have no clue what the spotting is caused by.


Doesn’t look like its hurting the plant and both of ours are in flowering so I think well be ok


Had it on mine my clone but then it grew out of it … read online it’s a difeciency sign but my plant is doing ok so I don’t know


Day 71 (Flower day 19 of 38)

Did a drain and fill today and did a tiny trim of a few bud sites near the bottom that would probably end up larfing it up in the end. Overall I think she looks good and seems to be getting a good amount of light on all bud sites. I hope she fills up more.


Just wanted to share the method I used to sorta manipulate where I wanted the branches to go. Just simple magnets off amazon and some nylon cord.

Seems to work pretty good so far!


I was looking at similar magnets on Amazon as well… was like a 12-18 pack or something. Thought they’d be too many, but seeing what you have going on I think I may get them! :+1:. Especially now that mines into flower I need to move some stuff around lol


the loop part is actually threaded into the magnet base. you can do some fine adjustments that way.


Yeah exactly, that’s what I was more looking for. Any ones I found in store were just hooks and I wanted a closed one so the string/cord doesn’t come off the end, easier to adjust I would think too


Day 76




Day 78

Smells ridiculously amazing. As soon as you open that door you get kicked in the face with the most wonderful aroma.


Did a little trim in the bottom.


Starting mine soon. Hope it does as well. Can’t wait to clone it.


Day 81!


Day 85!