White widow growers choice seed


Off to the races again. On day 9 .





Just did 2nd water change
Can you look into my unit. The 2 bottom leaves are already hard , well harder than I’d like.


Hey @Bongsmoker89,

I sure can, please submit a ticket to support@grobo.io. :wink:



Lol, I knew this issue was familiar! This resulted in a slight pH raise on the recipe. All other data looks good.



Thanks :wink:


Just looking a little brittle here. You think the ph sensor is out of calibration?


I’d say so @Bongsmoker89, you probably need an adjustment or even EC a little high. Not only cuz of the leaves wilting a bit, but I see a little spotting too. Just going from what I see though-



It’s great that you have your Ticket made and they are keeping an eye on it from their end… Other than that I’m hoping the plant will perk up for you and look happier… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Day 25. @Stephen.
What do you recommend?


She does seem stressed @Bongsmoker89. Your data looks ok, so my 1st thought is to inspect the tip of the pH probe. It shouldn’t have any snot or roots or debris between the side and the bulb. We have a calibration and cleaning kit that you can use if you find this is the case.



Alright I think that was the problem. I never pulled it out from the last grow just ran the water and vinegar through it.Cleaned it off pretty good with a qtip. I’ll see if that improves its health.


We will be adding a cleaning & calibrating kit to our store in the new year. Keep us posted on her progress!



Did it change the readings on the sensor since I’ve cleaned it?.
Day 28.
Edit, did a water change. Took off the bad looking leaves. Seeing new growth actually pop up now.


Hi @Bongsmoker89,

Yes, the data looks correct and stable. I’ve added a couple weeks to stage 3 to allow your plant to fill out some more. Your new expected harvest date is March 19th.



Day 41. Looking better still has a little droop on it.


What turns the leaves light green?


@Bongsmoker89 did a quick search on the google machine. Found this https://www.growweedeasy.com/magnesium-deficiency-cannabis

Almost looks like a magnesium deficiency. Could be wrong so I’ll let @Stephen or all the other pros chime in on this.


Hey @Bongsmoker89,

This does look like you are having some dosing issues. Please submit a ticket to support@grobo.io and we will assist you further.



Day 47.
Looking much better already.