White Widow: First grow


Here is my first grow which has been both exciting and confusing at the same time. She is 35 days old today, and I’m starting to get some of those sweet smells. She looks all bunched together tho. Do you guys think I should top it off? I hate to do it but I think it’s probably for the best right?


You can’t really see it but I counted at least 4 bud sites. I believe it’s the leaves blocking the bud sites from getting light are the ones that I cut right? They won’t hurt my plant much by cutting the leaves?


Hey @Mufasa7, I don’t think losing a few leaves on the bottom that aren’t getting light anyways will hurt. Or just top her and see how she does this week. Hope that helps!


It’s time to do your topping… :wink:


Update: Lolipopped her on Monday. She is still growing. I would say she is only about 6 inches right now but she looks like she is getting stronger.


Neglected to update this thread.
I am now on Day 81. 3 days left of my transition



Day 86


Hey @Mufasa7

You may want to consider clipping off a few of fan leaves to allow the light to penetrate your canopy. This will help lower buds develop better.


Do you think it’s ok to cut the bigger fan leaves? I see them, but I have been hesitant to cut the big ones in fear of hurting my plant.


Yeah just the largest ones covering the bud sites. Cut off no more then 20% and your plant won’t suffer.


Day 90


Day 98…


Lookin good mufasa. Those leaves near bud sights should be getting frosty soon :+1::v::heart_eyes:


Day 105. Flower day 21/39.


Day 109. Flower 25/39


Alright Grobo fam, I need some advice again. My recipie says Ive got 5 more days of flowering left. I looked at the trichromes under a microscope and they still appear to be clear. I think that means I have a few more days.


Hey @Mufasa7

Hard to tell exactlly from a picture. You can run a flush for up to two weeks while your buds ripen up. If your trichomes are still clear yeah I’d add week to flowering and then you’ve got two weeks of flush time to dial it in.


Awesome!! Looks smooth!


Flushing Day 1. I am excited.