White Rhino (Nirvana)

1st grow

Day 4. We have life!




Do you have the ((SupportTeam)) checking out your plant?.. They could make an adjustment for you…



Great strain I’ll be watching this grow @Yeah_Im_Cheating!


Day 8

*Waiting on that one leaf to perk up. It starting to bug me! Looks green and health though!


Been waiting on this, to see how my water temp is.

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I love new toys! Can you post a pic of your read?

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I have the same one I think.

How do you like it?

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Seems fine. Only in C though lol.

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Progressing fine it would seem. 4/14 Early Veg. Water temp has been my only concern. I have the ability to monitor but not correct it. Has ranged between 66-72.

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Not bad

All In all I think she is doing well. Day 22

Maybe a little small?

Roots are 98% white. Small amount of brown I saw today while changing water. Water Temp ranges 66-73 through the day.

Also… neither of my fans are going yet… kinda wondering about that…

Someone look at the pics of the leaves and let me know what you think about the spots and the twisting. The twisting started from the beginning, but stoped after the 2nd set of leaves.

I found what I think was a single White Fly and noticed dark colored droplets on the inside of the Grobo walls (I am assuming it was insect Excrement).

Can’t seem to find any other insects inside.

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Upon further inspection I found one of these just now

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Your bottom fan should be on already for sure it comes on around 10 - 14 days ( early vegetation ). Top fan comes on in 20 - 25 late vegetation. You need to put in a ticket asap before your plant starts to suffer. Sometimes restarting your power makes the fans come on.

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Thanks for the heads up! Will Do


I’m gonna see if I can find the website that identifies bugs and I will add it here but in the meantime do this.


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That’s an aphid. Usually stay on stems and under leaves until laying eggs. Kill it and check for eggs. Hopefully a rogue and followed you in.


Leaf hopper sorry. Not aphid


image https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQwk4yE8Ka7W5IGFjdo2eNOBGI1tfo0Bya_P8abK4qHhNxXlssR4g

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Seems to have just been the one. Checking twice a day. So 98% of my roots are nice and white. Should I try to treat the brown areas?

Also, think she looks small for day 25/114 ?