Which recipes do already exist?


Hi, asking myself which strains will have best results in a grobo. So do you have list which strains you already tested in grobo and what results you got? For which strains there will be a grow recipe when grobo starts shipping? Especially if you sucessfully grew some sativa strains would be interesting.


I’d love to know this as well! If there’s some strains that grow better than other’s I’d like to acquire some seeds of those particular strains before my unit ships!


BUMP! I’m loving all these questions from the community, lets continue the growth!


Can anyone from the Grobo Team provide any insight on this subject at this time?


Hi all,

Great question. We have a ton of recipes we are growing, testing and tweaking. I’m currently focusing on autos adding DNA’s 60 day Lemon, Sweet Seeds Devil Cream & Black Cream, Dutch Passion’s Durban Poison & Blackberry Kush to our list this month. A couple of my personal favorites have been G13 Labs Pineapple Express, HSO Mango Sapphire & Blue Dream & Dinafem’s Original Amnesia. There will be plenty to choose from and you will have great success regardless of the strain you choose to grow. If you have a specific strain you’d like to see a recipe for, let me know!



@Stephen - Can we also expect that feminized (non-auto) seeds are also being used during testing or are you solely working with auto seeds during testing? What are the pros and cons so far that you have been able to record with autos vs feminized seeds?

Here are a few strains (not all listed) that I have read are considered to be “beginner” and some of my favorite strains that I have some interest in growing.

Hopeful Recipes

  • Chemdawg
  • White Widow
  • XJ-13
  • Bubba Kush
  • Arjan’s Strawberry Haze
  • Jillybean
  • Sour Diesel
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Hawaiian Snow
  • OG Kush
  • Ogre
  • Lemon Haze
  • Jack Herer
  • Granddaddy Purple
  • Girl Scout Cookie
  • Pineapple Express



Hi Rich,

I’m working with both Autos and feminized strains. I’ve even run a couple GDP (Grand Daddy Purps) regs through. Autos are very easy with little work to be done. The fems and regs require topping, fimming, LST or super cropping to keep them manageable. So far from your list, you can expect to see ChemDog, White Widow, Sour D, OG Kush, Lemon Haze, Jack Herer, GDP, GSC & Pineapple Express.



Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the follow up, I appreciate it. Do you have any progress pictures of the GDP you can share with us? Very excited to see the strains listed.

I have a separate question as I’m a complete NOOB when it comes to the agriculture world, specifically cannabis. With that being said, say we have some seeds however we do not know whether they are Autos or Feminized. In a situation such as this how would you recommend we proceed when it comes to identifying the seed type to the Grobo Application/Software? Please excuse any of my ignorance within my question, again I cannot stress enough NOOB here.

Thanks again!


Hey Rich,

Sorry, no pics of the GDP, ran it in January of this year. Good question about a recipe for unknown seeds. I’ve developed a generic cannabis recipe that includes photoperiod settings. If you discover that it is an auto (starts to flower before the 12/12 light cycle begins) you can cancel the recipe and select the generic auto recipe.


Recipe Requests Oct - Dec 2018

Hi Stephen,

That’s a bummer, some progression pictures would have really been great to see. Can you provide a log of your experience with the GDP? How was the timeframe from seed, to fist week of flower, to harvest? How about your yields with this particular strain? I know you previously mentioned 1.5 - 2.5 ounce return on most, was there a difference here?

Glad to hear there is somewhat of a failsafe when it comes to that as I was starting to stress somewhat over that question. Greatly appreciate the follow up!

Thanks again!


@Stephen Thanks for those insights. Sounds really promising. Since I’m from europe I’m really interested in seeds from european seed companies. You alreade mentioned Dutch Passion. What about Sensi Seeds, Paradise Seeds, Sweet Seeds and so on?
What about same strain but different seed company? That’s a big difference in the recipe?


Hi Fanatic,

I’m a big fan of both Dutch Passion and Dinafem. I’m currently testing the Sweet Seeds Auto Devil Cream and Black Cream, so really looking forward to those results. Have not grown out any Sensi or Paradise yet. When different companies have the same strain, you are correct that the recipes differ. You will be able to pick recipes based not only on strain, but on the breeder that is bringing that strain to market. The recipes are often similar with subtle changes in times/spectrums/nutes, but occasionally I’ll find a strain that doesn’t match the other breeders at all, thus a very different recipe. Great question!



Hi Stephen,
What do you think would be a good sativa leaning hybrid for growing and managing in the Grobo? Also how far away from the LED lights should the tops be during the flowering stage, or is that even a big concern?


Hi Burks6791,

I’m a fan of Pineapple Express from G13 labs, but there are many to choose from and all will do well in the Grobo. Even though we are using LED lighting, if your colas get in contact with them, they will not be happy. Keeping a distance of 8-12 cm is best in my experience.



Hi Stephan,

will it be possible to adjust the height of the LED lightning during the grow?



Hey fanatic,

The recipes all have different light intensities and spectrums, but we are not adjusting the LED height.



Thanks Stephen! The sound is great!


Stephen can I reqest Mango True Og from elemental


Also Stephen do you have any experiences of importing Seeds to the USA from like European seed company?


Hey Long,

I’ve not seen a Mango True Og yet, but if you have any info on it, send it along. I’ve added a True Og recipe and a Mango Tango recipe for you, both based off of Elemental seeds from California. Their gummy bears looks good too!