Which is the correct support email address?


Is it the email ending in . ca or .io ?

Sent a ticket in today to the .ca address but no response so wondering if that’s the right support email?





He didn’t believe me. Now he does @chris_barfield🤣


Either work






@Chris sorry I sent a ticket to both emails cuz I didn’t know if one worked and the other didn’t …


Oh first I heard of the .ca one. Good to know!


@chris_barfield I believe you sent out an email at 11:11AM today, we sent a response at 11:15AM - did you not receive this? Can you please check your spam folder for me. It seems that you’re not getting our responses for some reason




@Chris you were right google out your messages in my spam folder for some reason I’ve recieved your emails before and I have returned the email with some pics requested they are also post on the forum in the plants under 40 days thread and thank you