When will my grobo arrive

I was just wondering when other growers saw tracking for thier grobo , I ordered mine 13 days ago so I’m almost in the 15 through 35 day mark ?

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I ordered mine oct 8. I was told next month


Dang , hopefully grobo support can give us some answers , 2,200$ is a pretty little penny :frowning:


I ordered oct 7. Jameil informed me yesterday I’m still 2 weeks from shipping. They’re backed up from all the orders after appearing on the TV show dragons den. Hopefully now I receive it in time for Christmas. Hang in there


Well worth the wait :call_me_hand:t3: Patience my friend. Once you get it time will FLY BY. I’m almost at day 95 and shes looking beautiful


Good purchase glad to have you on board…! My first harvest tomorrow image|375x500


Have you gotten tracking or anything for you’re grobo yet , I haven’t heard or seen a peep for mine

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Hey @Ray2nasty yes I did get confirmation it has shipped. Supposed to arrive Monday

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I’m still waiting for mine man :frowning: what day are you on waiting wise ?

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October 7th I placed my order


Just got my email that it will ship out this week

Must be nice man I’m still waiting on mine … I dont want to annoy grobo support but I’ll just wait how long did you wait ?

Oh yeah Oct 8 my bad

Hey @Ray2nasty,

I’ve responded to your inquiry through support.


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Thank you Stephen I will look for the email!!

Just got mine today

I got a email today with my tracking number :slight_smile: