When to top


Does anyone know why we are usually advised to top when the plant has 4-6 nodes? I was was discussing this with a friend of mine who runs a greenhouse growing flowers and herbs and small indoor & outdoor decorative plants and such. She uses topping in her greenhouse but was surprised I wasn’t ready to top my plant which as 2 going on 3 nodes. Apparently she would do it that early on other plants.


In my case and on my 2nd grow in a Grobo I wouldn’t be able to top prior to 4 nodes as the plants are so small and the nodes are really tight together. My last grow I was able to top at day 24 I’m at day 27 I’ll be cropping at day 30 at about the 5th node my plant is still short and tight but it’s an indica so it may also be the reason.

Topping is considered HST (high stress training) so anytime your plant is healthy, established enough and strong enough you can top IMO.


Looking for advice on whether to top yet. I’m not sure how to count the nodes to make sure the plant is between 4-6 nodes. In the photo with the arrows I pointed them to what I think are nodes & count five. Then in the photo with the circle I identify where I think I need to top if indeed it is time. Thoughts/advice?


Go ahead and top if you like! You’re correct in counting


Thanks. Topping done.



Maybe I’m counting too many?.. :thinking: