When can you actually count flower weeks?


I was wondering when you buy packs of seeds it says 50-60 days or whatever to flower. My question is do you count the first week of flowering during the stretch or when the stretch is over?


Flowering to me is the moment the cycle changes to 12/12 while it’s still a transition period you’ve technically started the flowering stage. I’m sure @stephen can add his own wisdom to it too. :+1:


@Azuri I thought the same but was just wondering


Yup, flowering time starts with the flip of the lights! Here is something I wrote earlier about flowering time…

Great question. The flowering time does not equal the growing time. In each recipe, the seed needs to germinate, go through the teenage years (seedling stage) and grow bigger through the vegetative stage, where the roots expand, plant training takes place and the plant branches grow stronger. Then we flip the lights to 12/12 to begin the flowering stage. Remember that strain ‘flower times’ are guidelines and require the grower to make the final determination of ripeness.

Growers can extend the vegetative grow time as long as they wish, producing huge 10 foot trees if they have enough time. The strains are marketed by their flowering time, which starts when the lights are flipped and ends at harvest time. These times are consistent across strains, and thus are the numbers you see on all of the breeder marketing material.

TLDR; Flowering time is 8-9 weeks, total grow time just under 4 months.

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