What’s happening?


@Stephen or anyone please help me


I’m thinking nute issue or possible ph issue. I’d send in a ticket :ticket:


@rouleauj hit it on the dot def nute burn or ph issues …


@rouleauj it’s my tent and you are correct. I dumped nutes remixed and I lowered ph to 5.8 range how long you think she’ll take to bounce back?

ph to 5.8 range how long you think she’ll take to bounce back?


Yeah, looks more like nute burn, but I am thinking ph is off a bit too. I’ll go ahead and say it’s a combo issue, but if I had to go with one over the other it would be nute burn. :+1::v:


Ph should be 6.0-6.4/5. You could give her a good flush, let her dry out and feed her again with proper ph. Otherwise it’ll take some time now and you may end up with nute lockout.


How do you suggest I flush with this autopot system? @rouleauj


Ph was right at 6


What nutrients are you feeding her and are you doing so at full strength the manufacture suggests? Their suggestions are usually too high. I typically go with half strength then bump it to 2/3 strength


@rouleauj It was my fault trust I’ve been feeding her the same nutes for weeks now i measure for two gallons and I’m going out of town this week and decided to mix for 3 gallons I guess the added gallon of water with nutes was to much


Drain your res. Put fresh ro water in, run a day or two and empty res and fill with proper strength nutes and ph correctly. Sorry, I forgot you were using auto pots. Thought it was soil. Your ph should be a bit lower than for soil. About 5.5-5.8


Coco/perlite mix


Ok so soulless media, with a res feeding nutes to the two pits. Got it. Sorry, everyone is doing different things here which is great, but sometimes hard to keep track of. You can still flush by emptying res, and follow previous steps. 6.0ph is fine you could even go up a couple points.


Soulless media lmfao :scream::joy::smiley::dizzy_face::exploding_head: too funny. Soiless