What new topics would you like to see us write about?

Hey AG!

Over the past few years we’ve been busy making a ton of content and sharing it on the Grobo YouTube Channel and our Blog.

Some awesome posts including How to Make Gummies have come out of it.

We are looking at what content to make next and would love your input. What topics would you like to learn more about? Any burning questions that you’d like answered?




((#MoreGrowingMovies)): :video_camera:




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Overall Videos to supplement articles are fantastic, seeing someone top clarifies things so much more then just text.

One thing I haven’t seen but would really love is a post grow clean up and prep for next grow video.
Go over sanitation, sterilization,proper cleaning and storage of probes and re calibration.
What other 10 point inspection(or whatever makes sense) should we do between grows(check hoses for leaks, check pump clamps etc) basically an in depth care and maintenance demo.


Awesome suggestion, thanks @Bloodydrake! We have started a running list of video ideas that we want to create and this has been added to it.

Just as a heads up for everyone, we will be moving to a new office in December. We might be a bit slower to respond throughout the month, but we’re super excited about the new space. In January we will be setting up a video room so that we can start to produce more video content!


You summed it up well.


Ive had to replace my LED stack up & still have to replace my pump. I would love to have received a step by step quick video on how to replace parts on your grobo.


Ask @Stephen, for one. Never know until you ask!


Im pretty good with my hands so the .pdfs were good enough for me but I can see how someone less mechanically inclined would have trouble. Just making recommendations for improvements.