What is the average yield everyone's getting?


For one grow cycle in a Grobo, what is your average yield of died bud?


An ounce to two thus far, not much more. But we’ll see this go around for me at least :+1::v::joy:

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But the quality is fire :fire::joy:

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I’m hoping to get a full 2 oz off my plant now. Buds are starting to get fat​:ok_hand::+1:. Look bigger than my first grow and I got just over an oz of good bud and probably more than a quarter oz of scraggly buds


I got a little over an ounce on my first two grows. quality was definitely very good but I would like to see more yield. im going to run a completely different nutrient line on my next run. the grobo nutrients are good for a basic growing with good results but will never produce big yields in such a tiny space. I think I can hit 3 ounces with the right nutrients.


I like the way you think m! What nutes?