What I want to grow


This is the spot to list all of the awesome plans you have to grow the best. From Venus flytraps to the Carolina Reaper to that elusive Blue Cheese strain. This is the place!



I want to grow the hottest pepper in the world. Right now that is the Carolina Reaper.
Anyone have any experience growing out the Reaper?


I’ve had my eye on gorilla glue, sativa dominant with a short to medium height and decent yield. approx. 50-60 day flowering period. Looking for any tips or suggestions regarding prepping the Grobo through tweaking the app (when I get mine delivered that is). Although I wouldn’t shy away from a hot pepper grow either


Ah the mix of Chocolate Diesel with Sour Diesel. That sounds absolutely delish. Are you talking about #4 or the original? What seed breeder are you thinking of using? We are testing several to find the best genetics for Grobo users to start with. That being said, with a Sativa like that, some LST, topping or fimming is recommended. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got going on in your unit!


We have not grown out ‘The Reaper’ here at headquarters, instead focusing on tomatoes. Boring I know, but best for consistency and testing for us. We are talking to several hot seed companies for partnerships, so stay tuned!


Hot peppers is a great idea! Now I want to try growing them. I’ve never heard of the Carolina Reaper, but definitely going to look into that now.


I will have to ask my supplier, but I do believe it is the original. I wont be going from seed, I will be getting a clone from a tissue sample and not from a generational cutting. this way the genetics are as close to the donor plant as possible.

will there be a clone option in the software, or is the system solely based on seed growth?


Tissue sample clones? Wow, more like Admiral_Blaze then eh? We have several cannabis options from seed to cutting to auto to custom and beyond. You can play with spectrum, watering schedule, nute dosing, all kinds of stuff. Or you can do the classic ‘Set it & Forget it’, although you won’t be forgetting, that’s for sure.


I have a buddy who has an agriculture major in the family. I am just a lucky beneficiary and by no means a horticultural genius


I’ve heard of a sativa called Kaboom that seems pretty kick ass. Any one have any experience with it?


The first thing I plan to get started with in my Grobo is Sensi Seeds feminized “Sensi Skunk Auto.” I selected this strain because it’s a shorter variety that still has a decent yield and it’ll help with personal ailments (i.e. depression).

According to Attitude Seeds (where I intend to purchase my seeds):
Sensi Skunk Feminized Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds are the result of the ground-breaking crossing of Sensi Skunk and Ruderalis breeding strain - real delicacy for any connoisseur. This Auto-Flowering version of Sensi Skunk produces vigorous female plants with a compact structure, short sturdy branches and copious bud production. Plants are ripe in a relatively short period of time (45-60 days) with a good yield. Sensi Skunk Auto has a sweet scent and flavour, citrus burst that is remarkably different from regular skunk plants.

And according to the app Leafly:
Sensi Skunk from Sensi Seeds is a potent Skunk #1 hybrid that offers a sweet citrus flavor in contrast with the earthy, herbal aroma typical of Skunk varieties. The indica-driven effects produce a calm and euphoric buzz that relaxes tense muscles and alleviates stress. A great choice for indoor gardeners, Sensi Skunk boasts short flowering cycles and heavy yields.


Recently pre-ordered my unit and am excited to grow some cannabis as well as some herbs for some home brewed tea! :grin:


Home brewed tea? That’s awesome! What herbs do you need for that?


I’m just going to put this here… cannabis bonsai tree :laughing:


… Is that real? Because… yea, that would be bad ass!


While this would be awesome, this picture looks more like Kenaf to me.


Oh darn. I was so excited :disappointed:


Just want to thank Stephen for his story.Ive been an avid cannabis user since the early 70s .Early on i was diagnosed with epilepsy about 13 years of age take médications that made me feel inconfortable.I started cannabis at 17. Now after 40years still using cannabis my well being couldnt be any better.I recently had my knee replaced the doctors prescribed morphine not gpod i had the worse dreams imaginable. So when i got home from the hospital I threw the morphine out smoked some cannabis felt way better than the prescribed médication . Anyways i thought id share my story with you since the stigmatizem attached to cannabis use has pretty much disappered


Thanks Donnie,

I feel that we are not alone in our story or experience with cannabis vs opioids. We’ve created a specific spot for people to share their stories on AllGrowers, do you mind creating a new topic and sharing the above story there? Here is a link to the section I’m talking about.