What are your thoughts on Using Autos for Grobo?


Hello My Name is Jonathan,
I ordered my grobo yesterday and my main reason is to save money and use grobo for medical purposes…I am very excited to get my unit​:raised_hands:t5: I did a lot of research before my purchase and it seems like this was the best company to choose from. I want to know if you have been testing autos what types of autos u have tested and would u recommend using autos over of reg seeds in the grobo…I recently purchased a Gorilla Glue auto seed …so hopefully I can put in my request early for the recipe to be added :grin::wink:

Recipes for Northern lights auto

Hey @JonnyBlaze

Welcome to AG. I’ve not grown an Auto but I’ll give you my 2 cents. Grobo will do autos but their yeild typically is not as much but the off shoot is you might be able to sneak in an extra grow per year.


Adding to @Azuri 's comment we typically don’t recommend autos for a few different reasons. We generally classify them as a more advanced plant in the context of the Grobo. Why? Because they’re not dependent on the length of light they’re exposed to in order to put them into ‘flowering’ we can’t easily control the height of the plant. This makes it difficult as in order to keep them contained in the Grobo One you need to use advanced techniques to train it to stay a certain height

Hope that makes sense. You can ask anyone on the forum what strains they’ve had good success growing in the Grobo One (I know @Stephen definitely can name a few)




Welcome @JonnyBlaze! Thanks for picking a Grobo. We might be biased but we think you made a great choice! :groboone::slight_smile:


Hey @JonnyBlaze

My reply earlier wasn’t completed, had to rush out the door, lol, I wanted to add my opinion on autos in general as well.

This isn’t meant to be an offensive statement but autos are great for new growers since it takes much of the guesswork out. As you know the plant will flower automatically. Now the Grobo for a new user allows them to grow and advanced process of balancing the water, feeding, lighting controls without having to personally control them. So by growing an auto you kind of are missing out on the benefits and results of a photoperiod grown plant in a Grobo.


My main reason for picking an auto is because of time…my main goal is to pump a harvest every 9 weeks and from the research I’ve done so far the only way I would be able to do that is using autos…harvesting every 3-4 months using regular seeds is not appealing to me…so for the sake of time from seed to harvest using autos would be the best option correct?


Honestly If I were you I’d much rather focus on growing a bigger plant more yield… Plus i and many other grower friends wouldn’t run autos just becuase of genetics and they just flat aren’t as good … well from experience … weren’t as potent as seed nor taste as good … but to each it’s own I think you will be disappointed … you should just feminized seeds so you don’t have to worry about getting a male


I’ll chime in here. Using an auto might make for a faster harvest time but your yield might suffer. A better alternative, in my opinion, is growing by way of clone. @Stephen is starting to add clone recipes to the list this month I believe. Growing a clone in the grobo will shave off some time and still give you a decent harvest. Just my opinion, and I’m sticking to it :joy::joy::scream::triumph::beer::clinking_glasses::tada::confetti_ball:


Man that is why I really like AF seeds…some of mine have been cooked perfectly med-rare at exactly 8 weeks. Iranian indica was recommended 12 weeks, and Dr. Greenthumb was right. But my Blueberry was happy at 8 weeks. I like my weed just a smidge on the early side…actually the top most buds are how I judge timing…top buds done just right and lower buds a little rare.