Week 2 Notifications Discussion


Have some feedback on what happens during the 2nd week of notifications? Spelling errors, grammar, dangling participles, you name it, this is the place for feedback.


Looks like I’ll get the ball rolling on this.

Week 1 notification should have a mention that there are no fans on.
Week 2 notification should say 1st fan comes on day 10
Week 4 notification should say 2nd fan comes on day 24
(Asumming fans come on at those days)

One of the first notifications that should come up is that that the aerator should be on from day 1.

These questions seem to be commonly asked. :+1:


This is a great suggestion @Azuri …a bit more transparency into the grows might alleviate some of the common questions, which currently surround fans, and air pumps.
Basically when changes occur, it would be nice to expect them!


Love this feedback!!

Thanks Azuri,


In the week 2 notification it mentions that the water level will dropped to the low fill line. But never actually said when to do that. I’m on day 12 should I have already lowered it?


Hey @Binky

Water levels are part of the automated process. When you do your drain and fill the built in water height sensors will fill to the required level automatically depending where you are in your reciepe. As long as you do your weekly notifications for drain and fills you’re good. :+1:




I’ll find out soon enough, but for day 10, does anyone know if the bottom fan comes on in the beginning or the end of day 10?


Hey @Dew , the fan should come on day 11 (so end of day 10) :+1:t4:


Okay cool, thanks @rainstorm3!