Webinar link says address is invalid


Just a heads up Incase y’all didnt know


@chris_barfield, same answer I have been getting.


Anyone else think @Stephen should ditch the fern for a pot plant. I keep thinking of that between two ferns with zach galiafiankis.

Stephen well articulated. Can’t wait to see more and I’m streaming on 3G


Thanks @ToddYYC, that was fun. Sorry about the link, I’m just the talent :wink: I did see a @chris_barfield question as I was signing off, sorry I didn’t get a chance to answer it there… here is a great link for dab temps!


If your bored Stephen check out thehydropothecary.com new website. They had all those items for sale. Love it!


P.s.on a side note I had no audio on iPhone but worked on Samsung. Not sure what the issue was. Didn’t want to miss it lol


Didn’t see the webinar as it told me address was invalid, but was able to watch it on FB today. Good one.


Thanks @greenman,

It was a challenge to prepare, but we really enjoyed it too. Looking forward to continuing the series.



As feedback Stephen dont limit the events to Facebook some of us rid ourselves of it. Zoom worked pretty good


That is awesome and timely feedback @ToddYYC. We will ensure options are available.