Way to Store Outside Nutes Inside of Grobo

I found glass containers in the same shape/dimensions as the Grobo nute containers. Might come in handy for those using non-Grobo nutes. You can have 8oz of each of your nutes right there in the Grobo.



I will look into it if I have to later. I use my refill bucket now and the Grobo nutrients PH as needed. The Grobo bottles are barely touched so far.

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Which nutrients are you using in place of bottles 3-5 in your bucket?

Many most are in Harley Smith’s seminars on YouTube


I bought the Amazon bottles you have listed and the screw caps don’t match :frowning:

This is how I have mine set up:


You know if you’re using outside nutrients in the Grobo you should be mixing all of these before hand in a bucket and then just filling it with that. The Grobo isn’t designed to dose other companies nutrients as they’ve made it to dose their nutes. Unless you’ve talked to them about doing this I don’t think it’ll work the same

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Those bottles are filled with Grobo nutrients for now with the exception of the pH down (bottle 2).