Water Temperature


Anyone willing to build, package, and sell hardware that works with Grobo to control water temp? Seems like an imperative requirement that isn’t built in to the unit.

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Yeah, it’s called a water chiller :joy:


And since I’ve gotten one, I’ve had absolutely no issues, and my root system is amazing! Big, super white and extensive :+1::v:


Did you have to disemble, assemble the grobo / cut any holes / drill, etc?


No, there is a hatch on back bottom right side with a thumb screw. Unscrew that and take the plate off. Then you can snake everything through the back and up behind the res. :+1::v:


Ordering one by end of week. Which pump did u use?

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This takes a pump too?

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Yes there is a pump in the res to push water too and from chiller.

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The ecoplus came with a pump. Just make sure you attach a clamp on the hose to the pump male shaft. If it’s loose at all you’ll be pushing air as well as water and it won’t cool the water properly. Also set it to 64/65 degrees F :+1::v:

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What about hose? 1/4", 3/8, 5/16, 1/2?
Thanks for your help on this. I’m clearly not good with my hands.

When you say you haven’t had issues after installing this… You mean no more root rot?

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1/2. Larger hose = faster flow


Do you need a fast flow? It’s a small tank.


Better for circulation as machine may not need to run as often to adjust temp. Something like nutrient bottles don’t really need large hose because it’s trying to dose out more accurate numbers.


Yep, no more root rot or any other bacteria or fungus. Roots system is larger and more fully developed, allowing for more nute uptake. The roots really like the colder water, and it shows

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Ordered one up. Getting here Friday. I got the active aqua chiller 1/10 hp and hydrofarm active aqua submersible pump 400 gph w 1/2 lines! :cold_face:

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400gph pump? Is that necessary? Lol

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Nope 29 dollars 250 gph was 23 so just got a more powerful pump. I may end up hooking up two res tanks for one chiller


Better to have more and not need it than to have less and need it :joy:


@Osage how do u do a drain and fill with chiller? Same way?

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Yes, just turn off the pump and chiller before fully drained. I don’t like to run my pump without being submerged in water.