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So I don’t have a reverse osmosis system in my condo and they look pretty expensive. That said as I am waiting for my grobo, I am looking into how I am going to supply my babies with distilled or RO water. Of course I could go to the local pharmacy and buy Distilled water by the gallon, but that seems laborious. I’d also have to keep extra gallons around just incase the store ran out or I needed it in a pinch. Distilling water at home is even more laborious and time consuming. Wondering what others do for their water.

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I got one of these counter-top distillation units for Christmas as it was cheaper than RO system:

Prior to that was using the $2/4L jugs of distilled water from stores.

It uses a fair bit of hydro for 3-4 hours at a time so it’s best to run on off peak hours. Mine’s nearly paid for itself already doing 1-2 runs every night or two.


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A supermarket near me (Superstore if you’re in Canada) has an RO water dispenser. 10 bucks deposit for an 18.5 litre jug, and it’s about $3.50 for a refill and new cap. I got two jugs, so there is always enough for a complete change at any time. That may be a good option for you.


I was thinking about getting one of these. They are like 80$ or less on Amazon. The ro systems I been looking at like 150, and take up more space. Not sure what route I want to go.

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Same boat

How many gallons does it take and how many gallons are needed for the grobo?

I got a water distiller. It works great. Makes a gallon of distilled water in about 4 hours.

I keep a 5 gallon canister of distilled water, so long as I keep that full, it works great.

Grobo only uses a couple gallons a week, so right now, I run my distiller a couple times a week, and that’s it. The distiller is very easy, put water in it, push a button, and 4 hours later I have a gallon of distilled water. The unit is a bit noisy, so I keep it in my garage.

Saves me time not having to go to the grocery store as well, also my grocery store it’s about 1 dollar a gallon for distilled water.


Thanks for letting me know it’s noisy. We live in a condo so no garage and running that thing for 8 hours to get two gallons every week doesn’t seem freezable to me especially if it’s loud. These things look like they take 750 watts… it would be like mining Bitcoin with 3gpus

It’s not that loud… The Grobo makes more noise then the 750 watt water distiller. For me, it’s all in the garage so does not matter.

I have a wemo power monitor hooked up to the water distiller, so far, it’s not pulling much electricity. Power is cheap in my area also.

We also have lots of house plants, and I plan on doing an outdoor grow in our backyard this year, was thinking of leveraging the water distiller for all of it.


Mine makes just under 4L per run, or about 3x runs per drain/fill.

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I am actually looking into one of these:

Obviously this would have the added cost of replacing filters, but I would imagine it cuts down on pre time since you can get the water on demand


I was thinking the same thing, and you’ll have great drinking water.


I have two 5 gallon jugs that I use. Between the two, I usually empty one a week and take it to the local Walmart Neighborhood Market to refill for $1.95.

Here you can find a Primo filling station near you.


Hydrologic makes a 75 gpd RO filter, and it works great for what the grobo needs. No sound either…

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