Water Levels


Should my unit fill to the high level at the start of week 3?
My Grobo auto filled to that level and I was under the impression this might contribute to dampening.

Please explain why water needs changed every 7 days [RESOLVED]

Good question about week 3. All your logic above makes sense and I would think week 3 should be lower but don’t recall. @Stephen or @Chris should chime in.


I read the three week notification today or something like that and Stephen said at wee three your water fills to the middle water sensor so as to keep the coco pod drier. It was eith the three week thing or in the thread about dampening off. And yes it said middle water sensor, because I kept saying in my head: “I thought we only had a low and high water sensor, but then I thought maybe it was only high and low waterline, as in the sticker in our coco pod holder. Maybe there are three sensors or at least a sensor that is capable of reading more than one value. Just my observations and ruminations.


@BoldSolar It should be filling to the “Low Fill” Line (this is the middle sensor)




That makes sense. Thanks for clarifying. :+1::beer:


Robyn says the high sensor line is correct.Steve says the middle sensor. (which confuses some people and me given there are only two sensors for water. I’m a bit confused as to what the correct level is for start of week three. Im assuming the software is correct and stopped it at the correct level and will assume this is mere human discourse :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @BoldSolar,

Here is the skinny on water levels. There are 3 inside each DWC tank. They are labelled High Fill, Low Fill and Empty.

For the first 10 days, we are filling to the High Fill sensor.
For the next 14 days we are filling to the Low Fill sensor.
(Seed has popped and we are drying out the coco pod to fight damping off)
For the remaining recipe schedule we are filling to the High Fill sensor.

Hope this helps!



Hi @BoldSolar,

As @Stephen just mentioned we can only generalize if we don’t know what unit/schedule we’re dealing with. If Robyn says that it’s the high sensor line she’s probably correct as she would have looked into the schedule that was actually being executed on your Grobo

I apologize for the discrepancies




@Chris- thank you Chris. Sometimes reading too much on here causes overthinking on my part. I’ll settle down.


It’s not a problem at all - we like it when you bring up concerns like this as it helps us make a better app for all of you, our users :slight_smile: :+1: