Water chiller

I’ve never had a problem with my chiller. If anything it has helped me with many successful grows. I had a few months where I was planting seeds and evey time I would get root rot. My res temp was too hot. The day I added my chiller, everything changed. I’ve not had a single case of root rot since, and no other problems either. So it’s up to you, but I’m for them even though they are spendy :+1::v:


I found a chiller for a really good price , I’ll be ordering it on tuesday . I bought everything except for the chiller . So I will be purchasing one . Just I’m not spending 400$ on a water chiller when our resivors are not that big , 190 to 250 is okay , 300 and 400 that’s just way out man …

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Great find! Hope it works well and lasts. I agree, water chillers are over priced for what they do. Just another reason I prefer soil :joy::joy:

I have decided after this grow in the box, I will be using her solely as a mother chamber. I’ll get some sick genetics :dna: and go on an extend run of something like Platinum Dolato

That will make the price worth it in the end :joy::joy:


How’d this chiller turn out for you? I’m returning the cheap generic one I bought.

Ordered my Grobo and waiting on tracking. I was thinking of purchasing the Water chiller you have in this pic. @Ray2nasty

I was wondering if it works well?
Would you recommend it?

Please let me know any info helps.


Keep in mind that adding a water chiller voids your warranty if you purchased one.


Didnt work had to send it back , dont get one if you dont need it I didnt need it . My water temp stays at 73 to 69 . ! My room stays at 70 … if you really need to get one you’re going to have to spend the money and buy the good one !


Could you please share where you found this info on voiding the warranty?

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It falls under the third one where it prohibits modifications, adjustments or alterations.
Not just my opinion the company has confirmed water chillers fall under this umbrella.
Warranty Exclusions

You agree to fully read the instructions and guidance we provide and review the Product’s capabilities and constraints before using the Product. Notwithstanding the limited warranty above, you assume all liability and we have no obligation whatsoever to you or anyone else for any of the following:

  • use of the Product for High-Risk Activities (defined below);
  • use of the Product other than in accordance with our published specifications and/or Documentation;
  • modifications, alterations, adjustments or repairs to the Product made by a third party other than us or a third party we authorize;
  • failure by you or a third party to comply with environmental and storage requirements for the Product specified by us, including, without limitation, temperature or humidity ranges;
  • damage from external causes such as dirt, sand, battery leakage, power surges, or improper usage of any electrical source;
  • use of the Product in combination with any third-party devices or products that we have not provided or recommended to you;
  • any damage to property or persons caused by your use of the Product that is not caused by material defect, including damages or injuries caused by your failure to understand the functionalities of the Product and use the Product in accordance with its specifications;
  • leaving the Product in direct sunlight for long periods;
  • attempting to power the Product with any charger or power source other than the one provided by Grobo;
  • attempting to affix anything to the Product;
  • failure to determine the suitability of the Product for your intended use;
  • failing to make sure that any other person who uses the Product also complies with these terms and any other guidance we provide you, whether this guidance is included in writing with the Product or made available on our website;
  • any continued use of the Product after you detect any material defect;
  • failure to adhere to relevant laws and local government rules; and
  • any other improper use of the Product.[quote=“coffindancer, post:19, topic:3788, full:true”]
    Could you please share where you found this info on voiding the warranty?

Thank you!


Thank you @Ray2nasty.

I was told to use a water chiller by Grobo so that’s crazy it violates the warranty. Will not be using one.

I will have to just have my room on AC and dehumidifier.


Keep an eye on the plant honestly , discoloration in the leaves , or if shes droopy, or even slime on the root for root rot , best bet to deal with tempature is recharge , its awesome at protecting roots and giving you’re plant the boost it needs ! But in my.opinion grobo is pretty solid , so I would wait and not waist money !!


Just wanted to confirm what @Sweet_Leaf said. A support ticket I submitted came with the following advice:

" Clients on AllGrowers have had success using either Recharge or a water chiller to reduce their temperature. These are some of the products they’ve tried, however, please be advised that they can be pricey"

It also included links to Active Aqua and the cheapo Chinese GeekTeches.


Recharge reducing water temp? I believe they meant Hydroguard defending against bad bacteria when water temps are high.

I absolutely love the Active Aqua chiller. Worth every penny.


Someone at support claimed I had root rot (which I don’t). The recharge was for the said root rot and the chiller for prevention. I just find it conflicting to recommend a chiller, in an offhand sort of way, and then the addition of a chiller voids the warranty


Yes that is not a good business practice to say the least.


It’s a 30 day warranty lol … good luck w that…

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I guess it’s a year now , lol I’m still running good over here my room is a water chiller lol

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I got the extended warranty. So I’m not gonna through my money out the window