Was there an update just pushed?


Just wondering @Stephen @Chris @bruno

Did an update just get pushed ? Only asking cuz my grobo flickered a couple of times and I think I remembered reading when it does it’s possibly an update like for the air pump and glass


Hi Chris,

No updates were pushed to your unit this morning. Did the unit go through it’s boot process (i.e. the grow lights slowly transitioned red -> white -> off -> regular light schedule), or did the recipe light spectrum just flicker off then on?



Flickered off and on like it did with the aerator update… :flushed: figures I’d ask if it did @bruno


Interesting - thanks for the info.

The unit will pull a fresh schedule if it loses internet connection (even a quick drop can trigger this). If the unit briefly lost internet connectivity you could have been seeing the unit checking for and applying the most recent recipe (regardless if changes to the recipe were made). We should keep an eye on this, if you notice anymore flickering please let us know. Everything else is looking good. :+1:


@bruno ok that makes sense my unit lost connection to my router yesterday … think it was the routers fault becuase none of my connected devices were working for about an hour or so after midnight … also will there be an update to the grobo to be able to use the 5ghz WiFi ? For some reason if I move my grobo out of my living it will not find my 2.4ghz bandwidth?


Hi @chris_barfield,

Going from 2.4GHz to 5GHz is actually a hardware restriction - that and none of the top Internet-of-Things (IoT) chip makers support 5GHz yet. There may be a time in the future that that can happen, but we can’t do anything about it for now

Hope that helps,



Hey @bruno hate to bring an one thread back up but I know you asked to mention if it happens again … I noticed my unit flickered twice today … not during a reboot … unit seems to be working fine and I don’t see any issues … zjust givjng you a heads up Incase you needed to know


I just completed your schedule change request. This causes the unit to pull the new schedule and you will see a flash. Trying to scare our @bruno eh? Lol…



Lmao @Stephen haha damn my bad !! @bruno just trying to keep him on his game lol naw just kidding


And thanks @Stephen your mastermind the way this plant has taken off is crazy since your adjustments I just topped her … even got greener !!! Wondering if should add more veg time or will the branches get stiffer on they’re own?


Thanks for the heads up @chris_barfield, appreciate it! Always enjoy when our in-house wizard @Stephen stirs the pot a bit. :mage: