Wappa, indica

I definitely think the extra nutrients bulked her up. Bud spacing is the same on both but density is heavier on sense8 grow. Do i think that was exclusively it, yes.
Branch structure and growth was identical on both which meant i was having to brace or hold it in place in the same spots on both.
I dont think the stress of broken light hurt her.
Especially as i have 2 five week old canuk seeds in a tent under that light doing better than i hoped.


Try out one of those Jamaican seeds for your next grow!


I have been very much against adding after market to the grobo, but the product helps. Its not deniable. Until grobo starts sharing data or customizing it more with our input grobo will never be able to participate in enhancing your yields.


No more chances with non guaranteed females.


Started 3rd seed of 5 to test my theory before i double up for the last two again.
Always a reminder to check your unit and parts periodically
Pod looked dry which to me meant not enough bubbles. Sure enough upon looking no bubbles. All it took was jiggling my aerator and cords in the back and shes back on.

Will likely only post final weight for 3rd plant