Using BigBud and Bud Candy


Can you use this with a Grobo and if so has anyone tried it? I definitely want to use it, I have before in my other dwc systems.



((#LoveBigBudPlants)) It would be nice to see this happen…



I’m currently running the full advanced grandmaster feeding schedule and I’m getting outstanding results… I did bud ignitor , Nirvana, big bud , and now overdrive … but i run the entire advanced line up and I’m getting stellar results … I use ph perfect connoisseur


Yes you can


If you do add those buy yourself a cheap ppm/ec meter so you can actually tell how much your putting in… grobo team doesn’t tell us yet our ec … you do this because you don’t want to overfeed your plant and start to burn the tips . Also the plant might stop uptaking nutes which results in deficiencies or various other problems


additives are definitely a must if you want to get any kind of decent yield out of the grobo. ive had really good results with mammoth p. hydroguard or something else to prevent root rot is also a must. I wish they would put an access hole in the lid so you can add nutrients easier. when the plant gets big and is scrogged in place you really cant lift the lid anymore.


Just add it to your ro water before you do a drain and fill.


Also, I always start off using half strength, to what the bottles label says, then increase from there reading the plant along the way. You can dial it in pretty quick


Thank you all! The replies were very helpful… I just finished up my first grow without and I definitely want to use my bottle of big bud and etc… lol


MAMMOTH P FOR THE WIN that’s great stuff right there


Very interesting topic. This Grandmaster feeding schedule, what is it exactly? Do these chemically create that much more yields? The ppm/ec meter, that’s a meter to check ph on our own right?


I don’t know why advanced has these grandmaster , hobbyist , etc etc levels but basically that’s the one that shows all the products I’m using … and yea the products I’m using do different things … comparing to my grobo nutrients run I’m definitely yeilding more with bigger buds overall the plant just looks better and smells stronger …not saying grobo nutes arent good … I just wasn’t a fan of how they didn’t tell us where their nutrients are sourced from … so disconnected most of the automated procedures and did them myself


how does this stuff work and when should i add it. it looks like during the flowering stage but I’m not sure.


@chris_barfield thought you might find this screenshot from a grobo vid interesting. Look at the nute bottles!


They are all used at different growth stages. It’ll tell you on each bottle. I use the same line up :v::v:


Yea I’ve seen that before but my thing is where are they getting the nutrients what brand or are they making their own? If making their own are there any illegal Pgr being used ? Not saying they are but the information is not available or atleast I haven’t found it …





quick question. if we decide to use these additives such as big bud etc. are they to replace the bottles that Grobo supply us or are they just to be added to the water for extra goodness?


You don’t replace bottles … you would add water … I would purchase a cheap ppm meter so you can know how much extra water to add to keep the ppm stable


I’ll add to this Chris, if you add to your water before you do a fill with your hose it will be much easier than lifting the lid