USA Seed Bank Recommendations


Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately, my order of seeds from Canuk Seeds got intercepted by US customs and I didnt get insurance :man_facepalming: so Canuk Seeds is unable to remedy the problem. My local dispensary only sells regular seeds (I’m looking for feminized seeds). Therefore, I am looking for recommendations for seeds that are shipped from the USA or in the state of California?

Thanks in advance!




Thanks wolf1, will check them out.

#4 is my go to


Real Rocky Mountain high carries in-house and thugpug seeds as well and is fairly priced …


Growerschoiceseeds dot com ships from Sacramento. They ship fast too.


Thanks, I think I am going to with growers choice, just need to compare their seed selection with existing recipes before I order.


They are really good. You can even chat with them realtime.