Is there any update in the self monitoring app that was being talked about last October ???


I second this. can we please be able to see our own information. temp, humidity, ph, ec, water temp would be really nice to. the current probes your using should already be reading that.


I think seeing the app promoted in the website was a deciding factor in purchasing grobo. It was a bit of a let down when it arrives but no app is available


Ugh I think we are all waiting to see this information … I mean I’m no programmer or anything but how hard is it to just add that info in? ( serious question wasn’t trying to be rude)

I desperately need to see my information as I’m dealing with a lot of exotic strains that really need to be dialed in … I would love to know my ppm/ temp/humidity/ ph levels even if I can’t change it … the app that was shown in the original video for the grobo was def my deciding factor on buying this unit but I have to have that kind of control …


I agree, seeing the data first hand could warn us if something is off. Like you said @chris_barfield even if you can’t change anything that’s fine because we could put in a support ticket right away as soon as we see the data.

One thing I learned too is in order for your probes to be accurate they need to be cleaned regularly.


your totally right on the probes. they should definitely be cleaned and calibrated once in awhile. the grobo is using a blue lab ph probe. I have six other blue lab products that have the same probe. those units require a calibration once a month. if I could see the ph the grobo is reading I could check it with a ph solution to see if its reading accurate.


@greenmatter that’s a great idea. Add a calibration button in the app.


Any input from the grobo team ???


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Hi @David_mendez,

I hear you. This has been an open discussion between our most passionate growers here on this forum, some of our beta users, our mentors and the team at Grobo headquarters. We are constantly working on updating and improving the app, and this is a request we hear from knowledgeable growers often. We are currently focused on bringing you the ability to clean and calibrate your probes, as we feel this will have higher impact on your success than showing data.

Always open to hear your feedback, ideas and constructive criticism, so please keep it coming!

Stephen & the team


Hey @Stephen @bjorn @Chris @GroboJason

Umm the calibration kit is a no brainer, it’s required. I do understand that the unit is designed for complete new growers but the fact the app is advertised to this day with things like humidtity, temperature etc are being disabled from the app is not cool, is that a final decision? If not some timing would be great.

Just to add to the equation here’s recent proof that sales are hindered by a nerfed app:


If this helps at all David, no other system is shipping right now, so they may have an app, but no one really knows what all is involved. I have been following all, leaf, seedo, cloudponics etc. i k ow for sure, because I was going to go with cloudponics, but the company got sold and they aren’t shipping anymore. I know they shipped out some units before selling, but no more and they don’t have a forum for their users. I spoke with the previous owner a few weeks back and he also said he has no interest in setting up a forum because he can’t control what is being said. Also he wants to go fully subscription based, as do most of these companies. Grobo actually cares about their users and that is evident. They are open to suggestions and often implement them. More control will take time. I was impatient, and never got to harvest because of it. Give grobo a chance. At least you’ll be growing and harvesting in the meantime! Hope that helps


Yeah I did a quick search so I removed my last message . :sweat_smile:


I still stand by Grobo and also still stand by comment above. Just to be clear I’m only asking for what is advertised on the app and and I also understand their mission with Grobo. They got valuable feedback from beta users (complete new growers) that all these numbers can be intimidating and even put off. I’m not thrilled the app caters 100% to new growers and took precedent over avid growers who like to see what the numbers are without having to go and buy all the extra equipment on our dimes. Another biggie is remote monitoring or in this case lack of it for us OCD type people, lol.

To give some context I don’t use the app to open the door or for the opaque door light fixture. I look at the app once in a blue moon to check what day my grow is on and lastly to drain and fill plus top up, that’s it. For what is worth the app serves little or no purpose for me the end user. They could have put a drainfill button on the unit and digital counter and done away with the app completely.

I would love to show off this app to close friends, not gonna happen in its current state I just tell them, “yeah it uses an app” and it ends there.


@Azuri well said I agree


@Azuri well put :clap:t4:


Was an update pushed this morning ? My unit was then lights switched red then off for a while then back on … the purple led showed as well?
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No update pushed today @chris_barfield. Is everything ok over there?



@Stephen not sure but my unit appears to be working fine it happens at about 5 in the morning when I was getting ready for work


Strange, keep us posted on if you see it again & have a great day at work.