Upcoming video production list & Feedback


Hi Growers,

I’ve been busy this week shooting a new setup video to help everyone with all of the tips and tricks of getting your Grobo unit setup & growing. We are hard at work filming, tweaking & editing and will have it up soon. We also have plans to make more videos and would love your feedback. Here is our current short list:

Unboxing & Set up (In the works now!!!)
Time lapse - Germination
Time Lapse - Flower
Time Lapse - Stages of Growth
Fimming and Topping
LST (Low Stress Training)
Super Cropping
Wifi Troubleshooting
Drying rack/Dry mode

What order would you like to see? What would you like us to film in addition to these?

Thanks for your feedback,


Hey @Stephen

You guys should have taken bets who would post here first, lol. You would have made $$$ off me, lol.

All great topics!
I think all growers want the best quality and maximum yeilds and new growers which we’ve all been are nervous in the methods of training. I think obviously how to get up and running is high priority but so are the ones listed above.



I am with azuri @Stephen
Try to capture where most growers are or will be very shortly


I’d like to see the lst , lollipop , topping and all thing related to training your plant first … also maybe a video on how to diagnose symptoms with your plant so we don’t send you a ton of support tickets with that are all like what is happening lol. I know I’ve done it


@Stephen and other growers, have you ever heard of the knife blade through the stem during flushing and about a week ± before harvest? It stresses the plant and directs all energy to the flowers. I’ve done it in the past with soil based grows with some scary good success. Tried it on two plants of the same strain, same mother and the plant with the knife blade through it had more weight(not a whole lot but some), and more importantly was way stronger with amazing taste. Just a thought.


@rouleauj I’ve heard of this before but from what I heard from growers out my way is that it’s a 50/50 Chance and that all depends on if you do it right … but I have heard of this and when you get it down it does wonders


Yep, works wonders. I did it a few times and was successful each time. Never grew hydro, but don’t think that should be a problem



This would make for an interesting video, that’s for sure. Plant stress in the correct amounts and at the correct times can have great results. That’s one of the reasons for the terms LST and HST, the difference is how much stress is put on the plant with each training strategy. Stem splitting is definitely High Stress Training, but is another tool in the growers hands.

I’m not recommending any Grobo users try this until they have had several harvests, are comfortable pruning and training and most importantly, have some backup stash. This is a risky training technique, not used much in most grow ops in my experience. Fun to play with though!



Dig it. I only ever tried it when I had available stash and was willing to lose a plant completely at the end stages. That said, it truly works wonders.


Thanks for the honest feedback. :grinning:


Hi Growers,

It’s time, the new setup video is complete and posted. Check it out HERE!

I’m sure it’s good for a couple giggles, I laugh at myself often. Hope it helps everyone get a couple tips and tricks on the setup procedure. Sorry the sound is wonky, we are going to upgrade our equipment for upcoming videos.



Looks good @Stephen and def some improvements on verbiage from the original video. Good stuff
Audio was fine on my samsung


Hey @Stephen

Great timing, I could start smelling my plant this morning and thought it’s time to put in the charcoal filter in today. That video answered which way it should go, honeycomb out! There was a pull out tab but just wanted to be sure.


Thanks for the positive vibes @ToddYYC

Glad I could help @Azuri!


@Stephen very helpful! It would be nice to include a link to this maybe on the “get started” card that comes in the box so new growers can follow along during initial set up.
Watched on my iOS phone, audio was fine enough for me!


Thanks @rainstorm3,

Great suggestion, I’ll pass it along to the team!



@Stephen also I learned from that video that the tray has a shorter side and a deeper side. I never noticed that before and I have no idea which way mine is facing. Ha. I’ll check it out next time I have it open.


@Stephen I would really like a video on curing . I’ve grown only one cannabis plant in the past pre grobo got to the end of my harvest smelled great looked great i dried it a few days after picking my buds and it was wet and unsmokable it was hard to get the plant so far but mess it up in the end any videos tips would help @Azuri posted a great site for reference.


Hi puchy,

Great suggestion, it’s on the list for sure. With our automated dry mode, 3 days in the unit and most buds are ready to begin the cure. (Glass container, open for 30 min, 2x day for 1st week, then daily for week 2)



@Stephen Only 2 weeks of curing? That sounds great and easy!