Trim Tray


What trim tray is the community using for their harvest? @Azuri @chris_barfield @SilverGrobo @Stephen anyone else?


Oh good I want to know too. I badly need one for my next grow.


Hey @alucard

I haven’t got one yet. I had an old piece of kitchen shelf that had has like a non stick surface worked pretty good. @Stephen has linked one in the past seems pretty awesome.



@fuz picked this one:



I’ve always just spread a trash bag across my counter and clipped away.


Thing is, with a trim tray, you can collect the keif left behind after you’ve trimmed. Doing it on a bag or something like that, you lose the keif. It’s worth the investment. :+1::v:


lol @SterlingNico I’m even fancier I used parchment paper :stuck_out_tongue:


My god… Why are trim trays so expensive…

That one that silvergrobo posted was 60 something American and it’s 99$ cdn. Some are in the 200’s. Is there a better place to get them or is that the going price for a screen and some plastic… I feel like MacGyver-ing one together if that’s the case…lol


I used to use a simple household window screen over my large glass coffee table top. Worked great. Just used a razor blade to collect the keif.


Yeah I figure that’s what I’ll do. I don’t need a 200 micron screen on some plastic that’s going to cost 200+. I saw 60 at first but I should have known it was in USD lol.


I hear you @Russel_Richardson

It’s the reason I didn’t buy one. I totally get the Kief thing but on my last grow i do all my trimming while still wet. I’m not sure I’m really loosing a lot. Now when the weed has been dried I have Keif collectection in my weed grinder. I can’t see the cost vs return on the fancy trays.

You’re a fellow Cannuk, go to Dollarama they got great perfect sized trays, pick one up and incorperate the screen @rouleauj spoke of. Any hardware store sells bug screen should be perfect.


Yeah I was thinking of that actually. Gonna hit up Dollarama on my way home👌


I’m gonna start a topic on DIY fixes. Post what you make and what it does, how it helps, and how much it cost compared to a bought product.


Good call @rouleauj


Topic has been started​:+1::v::joy::joy::joy::seedling::seedling::seedling: