Tray not level?

I’ve managed to make it slightly more level on both sides but It’s still not sitting flush. And definitely still wobbles around if touched

How new is the unit? Does force keep it flush?

I just unboxed the unit about 2 hours ago :joy: got it yesterday afternoon. Force won’t snap it into place if that’s what you meant. I’ve tried using some force and all it does is start to bend the plastic but nothings setting in

The reservoir lid is a bit flimsy and doesn’t fit perfectly. Mine is the same, and I heard that’s normal.


Thank you! Good to know. I went ahead and sent a message to support just to be sure. I’m just paranoid the coco pod is either gonna be way too high or too low so I just wanted some reassurance :slight_smile:

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I would love to know what they say. As for the coco pod, the bottom should be slightly damp and the top should feel less damp but still moist.
I heard the plant’s roots do not like to be exposed to the light but that should be ok even with a lid that is not leveled.


Have the same problem and I just try to ease it down and don’t push down on it…yeah that water sensor cover is raised so it don’t sit flat unless you ease it down on both ends and just let it sit without pushing it down…don’t think a ticket will really help on that too much but put 1 in they may have a solution

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Here’s what they told me!

I’m going to try out the methods but still asked to receive a replacement just in case



@catnamedkringle I have a replacement coming to me. Thank you!


Grobo support :muscle:


May have to put a ticket in myself then

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Question? How would I submit a ticket if didn’t purchase from Grobo but still have warranty?

Just email or follow the support link from the app, should be that simple.


If you have a dremmel or some 100 grit sandpaper you can sand down some of the front right vertical part of the guard. Chances are, if it is like mine, not enough was removed from that part when they put it together. If you look at it you’ll notice that it was tapered to fit along that portion of the reservoir.

If you do sand it down I recommend you do it far away from your Grobo, it will create quite a mess.

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Unfortunately I don’t have either of those so I was going to go ahead and try out one of the methods they stated. Just as soon as I can get my butt off the couch :grin:

I received my Grobo Premium within the last 30 days and the lid was also not perfectly sitting flush. Looked just like yours. There are some guys with chiller tubes underneath the panel too. I think it’s ok as long as it’s not terribly crooked, which it doesn’t look to be. I wouldn’t worry about it man

Is your clear plastic shield for the water level sensors on straight?

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Yeah man the plastic reservoir is on straight, it’s just uneven. Kinda like warped plastic ya know? The pod seems to be okay as of now. Not overly saturated but still damp slightly most on top

oh yeah the warping! Mine has that too. Not a problem man. Grow on!

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Tray wasn’t level so opted to get a replacement water sensor cover to level out and it came today…thanks again @Danielle for the quick response and delivery