Transplant or continue?


After everyone makes it through all steps up until your first harvest I have a couple questions.

  1. Are you continuing the grow? If so for how long? And why? Are you terminating the plant or transplanting it?

  2. If transplanting. What method are you using. What dirt. Where do you generally leave it after?

Thanks for your input.



Hey ToddYYC,

I’m not sure I understand your question. Are you talking about harvesting to regenerate vegetative growth or just extending your recipe past the recommended number of days? Transplanting a mature cannabis plant out of the grobo into soil isn’t recommended.



Why is it not recommended?
Do the plants suffer in having the roots secure themselves and the plant in new settings?


Hey ToddYYC,

I’m still not sure I understand your question. Traditionally growers will take the entire plant down for harvest, killing it, drying then curing it and starting again with a new seed or cutting. Are you suggesting harvesting the buds but trying to regenerate the plant for another harvest down the road?

The problem with transplanting mature cannabis plants out of the Grobo is the lid. Big canopy and large root ball are a challenge to squeeze back through the coco pod opening. Probably have to cut the lid to get one out whole, which is what I’m not recommending.



Thanks. I’ll work on sharing my workaround on that when the time comes :slight_smile: