Thoughts opinions on best led grow lights?


So I’ll be starting a 5x5 and 4x4 tent for veg and flower pretty soon and wanted some opinions from everyone on led grow light brands. I’ve been eyeing the migro600 full sprectrum as number one choice. I like that you can separate each light if you didn’t want to buy anymore lights. I’ve also been eyeing the optic 6 or 8…

What do you guys think? What lights have y’all run in the past? @Stephen @Chris any thoughts ? I’m going to go led as I want to keep power consumption down and don’t want to run too much ducting.


Ok I’ll bite. I’m in the U.S. so brands might be unfamiliar. I have had amazing success with mars hydro, and I love advanced platinum led. Both are great companies with great products and service. I’ve also bought many different types of other Chinese led’s (mars hydro is a Chinese company who know their shit though) and have found most of them lacking. But yeah those are my pics. Also 200watt ufo light I posted on the forum!!!


Thanks for the link @Osage :+1:

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more American growers then any other nation on here just based on population numbers. Anywhoo yup we can get them here first place I checked had them but I bet they cost a lot more then you pay. I can buy straight from the manufacture too.


A friend has the migros and he’s producing a full
Pond in a 2x2 with clones with just one migro … I’ve seen mars before but I didn’t know if they were good or not based on price of the unit to the ones people think are more reputable


Hey @chris_barfield,

The only experience I have with LED grow lights (outside of the one in the Grobo Ones) is the Kind LED, but that was all information that was passed on to me from @Stephen. I’ll leave him to comment on his experience with LED grow lights




I’ve been spoiled with a well designed 8 spectrum LED that is close to my heart that I’ve been playing with for a couple years now @Chris. I’m supper happy with that one in our small space. If I was going to run a 4x4 tent, I’d stuff this inside.


In my opinion, I think i’d probably go with these:

  1. Bios LED, the best of the best! Comparable to HPS in terms of yield with additional benefits than an HPS would offer and very energy efficient.
  2. Black Dog Led, 2nd best choice.


@Stephen how does the kind led stand up to the migro600 ? I see a 1900 price tag yikes for one light :money_mouth_face: migro600 you get 6 lights equaling that light but it offers the option to separate as many lights as you want for truly custom setup …



Does this help?.. :thinking:


Just wrote this guide:

Might be helpful to you?



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Im confused about the lights. Why do u need a 300w for veg and 600w for flower. Could you just start with 600 and stay with 600?


You can start with whatever … but the intensity of light needed during veg is not as intense as what’s needed for flower … that’s why some people veg under t5 lights then switch to powerful flower lights