The mailman loves me lol


So some really really really really I mean really good genetics just came today for me !!! As always I love to share with community

And if your on Instagram or looking for some killer dna tested strains hit up @seedsquatch give him a follow he’s a really awesome human being… just a genuine person and you don’t find that often … besides what other breeders are getting there stuff tested by the same scientists from nasa …

The strains are shotgun wedding cake and the other is purple punch 3.0


Nice options!


@Azuri funny thing is I had an open ticket and told @Robyn to not forget the original grobo owners when they decide to make a unit that will grow more than one plant at a time … can we say discount again lol :joy: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I was looking at the Seedo, no chance of doing 5 plants in that but two would be nice. I’m glad grabbed a Grobo though I’d still be waiting if I went with the other unit.


@Azuri yea I hear that grobo and the team seemed as if they were more aboutnthe customer instead of selling … I don’t think seedo will have the same type of endearment the grob staff gives us but then again I have no experience with that company but I’m sure we all
Made the right decision no
Matter how long it took to get them haha


@chris_barfield we’ll never forget about you guys :heart:


Shout out to you too @Chris for coming by on a weekend to post!