My grobo is in my garage. It’s been pretty cold lately is that going to effect my girl? I dont want her to get too cold. Does grobo regulate the temperature? What can I do to keep her warm.


How cold?

Around 12 degree centigrade the cannabis plant is at very high risk of death. Do you have a thermometer inside your grobo?

That would be the best way to track if your plants habitat is at a good temp. If it’s too cold you need to heat your garage or move your grobo indoors.

I hope this helps.


Here is a good article on the affects of cold on cannabis


Hey @Mcmanis
@Stephane is correct. I’d just go off your own body. If its too cold for you out in the garage, it’s to cold for ya girl! The unit does not regulate temp-


I need to buy a temperature gauge. If it is determined that it’s too cold could I maybe use an aquarium thermometer to warm it up??


If you cant move your unit elsewhere, I’d maybe look at getting a space heater to keep next to your Grobo.


I wouldn’t use an aquarium heater. They are designed to be submerged and could potentially malfunction.


What @dew said


My only fear about the space heater is that are kno6to cause fires.


@Mcmanis think of it like this if you’re standing in the garage and you’re cold then it’s to cold for your plant :seedling:



Read up on what @Stephen says about Temperature:




I ordered a temp guage so I’ll know better soon. In California it not like crazy cold usually just lately there’s been a cold snap. If it gets worst I’ll bring it inside. My husband was complaining about the noise.


I guess there’s a sound but after awhile it’s barely noticeable @Mcmanis


I’d be more concerned about the temps of reservoir water if they are to hot or too cold it affects the plant


My husband is a big baby. He complains about the fish tank.


My wife complains about the smell lol. But I’m in Canada so my garage is certain death.

I wish I was in California at this time of year.


I checked her out today. She’s still thriving more roots are peaking out of the coco pod. The sing root I had has quadrupled in length. The 2 leaves are larger. Although the garage was cold the temperature inside the grobo was warmer. Do you guys think she’s progressing slowly because she cold or just really lazy lol. She’s a stoner lol. I think I’m going to have to add more time to her growth she developing much slower than other peoples plants.


How long has your system been on now? You can contact Grobo support and ask for an average temperature reading of your unit @Mcmanis


It’s been 18 days She didn’t sprout until day 13.


The cold could be reason … the plant likes high humidity during thecseedling stage and early veg
And warmth