"Teenage" Bruce Banner Hybrid at Day 26


Ive done some topping and trimming of fan leaves + super-stretching. One website outlined “tucking” fan leaves, but that needs to be done daily. I fear I need to be more aggressive given the growth rate. Bruce is about 4 inches above the top fan, Any advice? It looks like I have 5-6 bud sites. Has anyone seen double buds coming out naturally? I only topped once at that site doubled the bud. But I swear other sites are double naturally. I guess I’ll find out soon if Im overly medicated.


Lookin good. I would lollipop first then start super cropping. Once your girl goes into flowering, she will grow approximately twice the size she is at just before she’s flipped over. Super cropping will control height, create an even canopy, and promote bud site growth. That sativa will want to stretch more. Life will be much easier after super cropping. Good luck and keep us posted.


@rouleauj Thanks alot. I’ll get over my fears and do some more lollipopping. There definitely are two levels of buds to the plant and Im trying hard to keep light on both canopies.


Super cropping will take care of your canopy, evening them out and letting those bud sites get as much light as they can get. Focus on that after lollipoping


That one fan leaf got its stretch going on something serious lol nice





@silvergrobo I’m starting to harvest now! It is really sticky icky good ! GO BRUCE!


So jealous !!! A lot of us are harvesting around the same time !!


A lot of us are going to have a great T-giving!