Tangerine dream auto


Last water change. In flush stage . Day 98


Looking pretty fine!


Day 8 of 10 of flush stage. Gonna be in dry mode in 2 days.


I can’t get over this :eyes: very excited to see what your final weight ends up being.


@Rich yeah me and you both lol


Uploading: 20181118_221756.jpg… Uploading: 20181118_233949.jpg… Uploading: 20181118_221835.jpg… Uploading: 20181118_221911.jpg… Uploading: 20181118_221907.jpg…


Pictures didn’t post in order but that’s alright you get the idea lol. Not sure if I weighed it right with the stem still being on.

Uploading: 20181118_221835.jpg…


Not sure proper method to weigh before drying.
I weighed it how it’s hung it was almost 10 ounces


@Bongsmoker89. Nothing wrong with that but because your stems are beasts that’s where the extra weight is coming from. I don’t think you’ll be able to get an accurate weight until you take them off the main stems. Looking at the size of your nugs I feel that you’ll get at least 3oz

What day are you on for drying?


@Russel_Richardson yeah figured it needed to be cured before I can get a real weight. Day 2


Omg the buds look freaking amazing…so what are your thoughts on using a auto so far…to me it seems your pulling in more weight then everyone else on here that are using regular seeds🙌🏾 I am definitely excited to see what your final weight dry will be