Tangerine dream auto


Last water change. In flush stage . Day 98


Looking pretty fine!


Day 8 of 10 of flush stage. Gonna be in dry mode in 2 days.


I can’t get over this :eyes: very excited to see what your final weight ends up being.


@Rich yeah me and you both lol


Uploading: 20181118_221756.jpg… Uploading: 20181118_233949.jpg… Uploading: 20181118_221835.jpg… Uploading: 20181118_221911.jpg… Uploading: 20181118_221907.jpg…


Pictures didn’t post in order but that’s alright you get the idea lol. Not sure if I weighed it right with the stem still being on.

Uploading: 20181118_221835.jpg…


Not sure proper method to weigh before drying.
I weighed it how it’s hung it was almost 10 ounces


@Bongsmoker89. Nothing wrong with that but because your stems are beasts that’s where the extra weight is coming from. I don’t think you’ll be able to get an accurate weight until you take them off the main stems. Looking at the size of your nugs I feel that you’ll get at least 3oz

What day are you on for drying?


@Russel_Richardson yeah figured it needed to be cured before I can get a real weight. Day 2


Omg the buds look freaking amazing…so what are your thoughts on using a auto so far…to me it seems your pulling in more weight then everyone else on here that are using regular seeds🙌🏾 I am definitely excited to see what your final weight dry will be


Yeah im impressed with the auto. I trimmed and topped it early in the cycle I think it didn’t hurt it one bit just helped it. I trimmed the crap out of it in flowering stage to lol Im impressed with the seeds that I got. I haven’t seen many ppl using this seed bank so I think their genetics are fantastic. Here’s the bank I’m getting mine from.


How’s the putting it in glass jars thing work and for how long?


@Bongsmoker89 I’ve used mason jars for this next step and it’s the curing portion now. My last grow last summer I cured in jars for 3-4 weeks in complete darkness but you don’t have to do it that long, just preference, I like to get the hay/grass taste out as much as I can. But every day you wanna burp the jars (I leave it open for a couple mins to let fresh air in) and I also check the nugs to see if they’re too wet, the residual moisture comes out into the whole bud now. You want like 50-60% humidity in the jar I believe or else you’ll get mould if it’s too high, you can get a hygrometer to put in the jar on top to be precise but I just did by touch/feel.

Anyone else feel free to chime in or tell me I’m wrong lol. This is just what I’ve done in the past and the buds turned out awesome


Also to add. If you feel like they’re too dry you can get those boveda humidi-pack things that will get your buds back to the perfect consistency :ok_hand:


Yeah I bought some pretty sweet jars I’ll take a pic when I get home. I left it in drying mode for 5 days hope that wasn’t to long lol


@Bongsmoker89 I mean it’s all up to your preference, if your buds are dense then yeah that was probably a good dry time. But like I said if you find they’re just a little to crisp for your liking get some boveda humidi-packs. The 62% humidity ones. Then you’ll get that nice sticky cure which I like. When I put it in a grinder it’s not like weed dust, almost the consistency of brown sugar if you get what I mean


@Russel_Richardson I know exactly what you mean lmao when a gram somehow comes out the grinder looming like a .3 lmaoo


Ended up with 1.6 ounces. Would have been more if I didn’t screw up the 2nd mainbranch up after I topped it. Could I go ahead and smoke this lollol?

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Went ahead and loaded it up. Instant head high that I love. Very tasty, very citrusy. Did I spell that right lol?