Tangerine dream auto

Did a water change and cut off some more bottom leaves.

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Temp is a bit low. But she’s still drooping. If you have an extra ph pen laying around take a reading of your res water and let me know what it is

77 is to low? I turned ceiling fan on high in the bedroom was running it on medium

I’m sorry, I thought it read 71. That’s getting low, but 77 is good. Which leads me to believe your ph is off. Would explain the drooping leaves and possibly the beginning of nutrient lockout. From my view the spots are a sign of cal/mag deficiency. Best to take your own reading. This happened to me and I was able to spot it quick and fix it quick. My girl is loving life right now. Take a look at her a bit ago under plants under 40 days and germination. Here is one of her last night:

And one or two from this morning:

And just now:


@Stephen just checked ph it was like 6.48 why is it so high? Just did a water change yesterday.

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Hey @Bongsmoker89,

If you have a support issue, please begin a ticket by emailing support@grobo.io and I’ll be able to assist you. That will enable me to check out your data, as we are all anonymous on this forum.

In general…

You are using a $20 digital probe that I do not find reliable. Our probe is a double junction Blue Labs probe, very stable and reliable. You may need to calibrate either. (I’ve only re-calibrated one Blue Labs in the field so far)

6.5 pH is certainly on the high side. Your plant will tell you if it’s in trouble, yours seems fairly healthy. (Wee bit of tip burn I can see)

Again without a ticket, I don’t know the stage or recipe you are using, so a support ticket would help further diagnose if a problem is lurking or if you just need to re-calibrate your meter.



Ticket submitted

Thanks! I’ll dig in and let you know whats what.


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Hi @Bongsmoker89,

I’ll respond through the proper support channel, but thought this may help others, so I’ll answer here too.

All looks good from your data perspective. pH in the last 24 hours has ranged from 5.8 - 5.9 and I can see a couple peaks and dips after your reservoir change as the unit brings you back into the recipe range. If you are measuring your pH or EC with an automated system, I recommend taking several measurements over at least a 12 hour period to get a full picture of your current state. Calibrate your hand held meter and continue to monitor it over the next 24 hours. I’ll keep any eye out from this side too.


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Are these spots normal thing? Could it be from the zero filter water that I’m using ?
Right at day 30.


No I would send a ticket that’s how my plant died

I did they said everything looks normal. Think I’m gonna move back to distilled water next water change and see if they helps instead of using the zero water

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Hmm maybe a hot day or humid day caused it ?

I keep my house on 76 when I’m there and 78 when I’m gone. Kicks on when it gets to hot. I have a ceiling fan running in the bedroom on full so I don’t think that’s the issue

Sent you a couple updates through support.

Keep us posted on your progress!


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Robyn recommended I do a drain and fill today, will it change the every 7th day notifications to Friday now or will it still be on Monday that’s current path it’s on? Or will yall reconfigure the settings so its adjusted accordingly?

Hey @Bongsmoker89

I’ll jump in since I’ve got some experience. 11 days were added to my recipe so my flush day changed since my recipe at Grobo’s end was modified and saved.

If it was just a recommendation to do a drain and fill and no changes were made to your reciepe I would say, no the day will not change. Again I don’t have the context or details of why you were recommended to flush.

I’m not sure. They was adamant about using distilled I been using the zero water. I did adjust my thermostat away to about 2 degrees lower before it gets to hot and kicks on and it showed about 4 degrees cooler in it. Showed didn’t get above 84 in the last 24 hours compared to 86 high it was getting in it. Also dropped humidity down to 42 instead of 45
Would think it be a little excessive to change it on a Friday night and I change It again monday why I was wondering.

Only guessing but my guess if they asked you to flush prior to the one week mark it’s a preventive measure for reasons unkown to you or I.

I’m changing water now. Took some lower growth off stuff that didn’t look to good. Didn’t want it wasting energy trying to bring em back. Moving back to distilled water.