Tangerine dream auto


This is 3 n half days of growing so far. Already excited that’s for sure.


Beautiful little girl. Did you soak your bean first or simply throw it in the coco pod and go with it? I’ve found soaking a bean over night or a little longer, to sprout quicker. I planted mine today so I’ll let you know when that little lady makes her entrance into the world.


Just tossed it in and let the coco pod soak a few mins like it suggested. Seeds and machine came in same day lol


Adorable little guy!!


Day 5


Sup @Bongsmoker89

Won’t be long!

If you didn’t know already there’s a spectrum you can use for taking pictures helps getting rid of the purple hue and stays on I think for about 30 seconds. Play around with it the purple hue colour does make the buds look good!


Did first water change and refill today. So day 7


looking good!


Right at day 11. Bottom fan is now on.


Lookin good


Day 13.


Looks like it’s getting well established!


Yes I was surprised when I looked in today and seen how big it had gotten from a 2 day’s ago.


Just did 2nd flush tonight switched over to zero water this time. Day 15.


Lookin great!! Loving this space and the people. Keep on keeping on


Is this okay? Right at day 17.It def doesn’t look serious but there was some dead tiny insect in there looked kind of like a ant. Could that have caused the brown spot?


Hey @Bongsmoker89

I had some brown spots on my first single leaf and the first 3 fingered leaves. Plant was fine after that, don’t think the bug was a cause but keep an eye out for any pests.


Hi @Bongsmoker89,

If it continues to spread, throw in a ticket to support@grobo.io and I’ll take a peek at your data to ensure the unit is performing as designed. Plant looks really healthy so far. Keep an eye on the new growth, and keep me updated eh?



@Azuri and @Stephen
Yeah I’ll keep a eye on it and see if it holds or spreads.


Day 19 the bottom original leaf looks a little droopy.