SWSVIC’s First Grow (Ever...) ILGM GDP

What did you use for a cleaning solution?

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Hydrogen peroxide soak for the air stone for about 20 minutes. Then 50/50 vinegar and water drain/fill 2 times with chiller + pump + tubing still connected. After disconnecting the chiller + pump I ran straight water thru it for about 20 min.

After the drain there seems to be a decent amount of water that the drain cannot pull out. So I bought a cheap hand siphon pump to draw the remaining liquid out of the DWC. Also don’t forget about the probes!


I use a towel to get that last bit out. My least favorite part of every grow lol


Let’s make sure we send smoke signals this way good haul bro


Going to run the same protocol with a couple additions. Using a sweet little shop vac to remove residual water and finishing with a Zerotol HC solution.


When cleaning the reservoir, I’ve been using a piece of metal wire (bent/formed for the task) to hold the bottom float up while it drains so it doesn’t register so early and the pump runs longer. When it gets near the bottom I also push on the black hose so it hits the bottom of the res and then also reach up and carefully tip the whole grobo forward a bit to pool the water on the front side where the drain hose is. Once it’s nearly empty I sit it back down, remove the metal wire from holding the float and the pump stops about 15-20 seconds later. That gets most of the water out of the res and there isn’t much left to soak up, but it is a bit of a balancing act. :rofl:


I’m telling you, this mini shop vac is a game changer. The layer of sludge was no match for it! Super clean, quick, and easy.


I hear ya. Doing all that. Just way to big for cleaning it. I need kids or something lol


@SWSVIC Lovely haul you got there! Man i have been excited for this just as much as you are! I’m sure the smoke will be killer! :fire: Nice work man truly loved this grow and to see everything that came from it! CHEERS :sunglasses:


Much appreciated brother :call_me_hand: very much looking forward to round 2 in the box!

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The clean up was not fun by any means :joy: even with all my tools and cleaning solutions. Now onto light repair (and possible replacement). Support has been incredible, looking forward to my 2nd go. :facepunch:


No repairs this go myself but not using grobos air stone anymore


Snap- congrats bro!! What did she yield? Has she been jarred yet. I see a lot of amber Trichromes on there - did u u want a more sedative effect? Great job!!!:+1:t2:


Thanks brother man :facepunch:. Honestly I was going for mildly sedative as this strain is pure indica (allegedly :joy:), was not looking for a TKO by any means, will have to wait a month or two to find out :man_shrugging:t2:. No idea on yield yet as she is still drying. Will def, post weight before jarring.