SWSVIC’s First Grow (Ever...) ILGM GDP

SUPER CROPPED :seedling::ok_hand:



Tie Down Product:


As I stated yesterday, after being away for just a couple of days, (Things change very quickly during stretch, if training w/ ScrOG, this is not the time to leave your plant) the secondary branches that make up the middle of my ScrOG exploded in growth and were casting shadows on my main colas which are positioned around the exterior walls of my grow space. This being the case I decided to try my hand at “Super Cropping” to even out the canopy and create more branches/bud sites. I made the bends, positioned the branches, and tied them down in a way that best fills out the middle of The ScrOG. When the branches stretched during my absence they created a big space in between nodes until they reached the top of the canopy, I cropped about halfway through these spaces and hope doing so will make up for the loss in bud sites caused by the extended node space.

It was a pretty easy process, I was able complete all of the controlled bends without breaking the skin of any of the branches. I have no idea what to expect next but I am very excited to watch and find out!

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Awesome! I think super cropping the plant would be the scariest thing for me to do :joy:


Not going to lie, I was pretty timid about the whole ordeal haha. I asked about it here on AG like 5 times before finally pulling the trigger.


My girl is starting to get talll too but I think we’re still in good shape


You’re almost to the end of your stretch, I think you’re going to end up at near perfect height for Grobo!

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The Super Crop bounce back is incredible, woke up to a much more “even” canopy :+1::+1:

I am however wondering why this main branch (pictured below) in the front right hand corner of my ScrOG is lagging behind the rest of the growth. I believe it could have been caused by either light blockage from other branches or perhaps I trimmed something I should not have on it during my defoliation. After taking this photo, I cropped another secondary branch and tucked a bunch of competing fan leaves around it to try and give it as much light as possible.

I went ahead and threw the clone that had sprung all of those roots in some Fox Farm organic soil we had here at the house. No idea whether or not it will take root (no idea if this is the proper method either :joy:). The other cutting is showing “mini roots” so I expect her to be ready in a couple days. Again, I have no plan to grow these, just want to see if I can get them to successfully root.


They love the fox farm dirt. Shell do well. Just go slow on watering its rich soil holds lots


Update: My father has agreed to adopt them :+1::+1:


Champ advice needed!

My plan was to lollipop defoliate in 2 steps. I completed the first defoliation on the last day of Veg. and was planning on leaving her be to stretch and thrive until performing the second (final) on week 3 of flower (including Transition in flower, so Grobo week 1 of flower). She has gotten pretty bushy over the past 9 days and while adjusting and tucking leaves I have spotted a couple of “sweating” leaves. My question is, should I throw my plan out the window and defoliate tomorrow morning with scheduled water change and then once again in week 3? Or, should I stick to the plan and just continue with adjusting and manually drying sweating leaves when spotted? Thanks to all of you!


Thats pretty thick. Id trim her. Did mine on the weekend and again today. Looking good now


Thanks Todd, I will do buddy!

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Shell bounce back for the final stretch. Hopefully hits the sweet spot.

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There are sooo many thoughts and thinking behind pruning and defoliation. In the beginning I was in the camp of not touching any leaves since they are the solar panel that do all of the photosynthesis. But I have also defoliated the plant to point of pure nakedness… it helps out with air flow and with your IPM goals. I have had really good results both ways. The buds tend to look tighter from my experience. I won’t recommend anything but from my experience in a hydro setup/indoor setup- pruning is a must…


I just did a bit more research on the topic. I think I will only take a few leaves tomorrow (the ones I noticed “sweating”) and leave the big defoliation for week 3 of Flower.


Is it better to take leaves off at week 3 of flower for normal photoperiod strains? I did not know there’s a good time frame for trimming I just trimmed to keep the sites actively under the light

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Honestly it appears to me to be a crapshoot with some mild proof that doing your first lollipop trim on the last day of veg. (Right before flipping to 12/12) and then doing another final lollipop defoliation around the 3 week mark just before the end of the stretch. After week 3 it is only advisable to remove fan leaves that are blocking bud sites and only after you try tucking them as your plant is solely focusing on bud growth and thus the leaves removed will not grow back.

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I also found some supporting information for lollipopping at weeks 3 and 6 of Flower (2 week “Transition” period included) as well as just taking leaves as you see fit up until week 3 as you are doing.


They really all respind differently. Sometimes you force your plant into a stressed state its beneficially and sometimes its not. Why we always stress grow a strain normally to see first. Ive done everything i think. Cutting everything inc colas off.


Day 69 (Day 11-14 Transition)



Performed a light defoliation as the canopy was looking crazy thick. Original plan was to leave it alone after the first lollipop trim I performed on the last day of Late Veg. until week 1 of flower (Actual week 3 when adding in “Transition” period). But when I spotted some “sweating” leaves I decided the risk of not defoliating was not worth the reward of leaving it be.

New Nutrient/Additive Lineup:

I added Big Bud to my regime, switched up the order of which I administer additives immensely, and devised a way to deliver additives to the reservoir after fill through my water chiller plumbing.

New order is as follows:

  1. Distilled Water - 3 Gal
  2. Mix in Rhino Skin - 11mL
    -Wait one hour for silica to “bond”-
  3. Fill Grobo and allow it to dispense its nutrients, cal-mag, and pH
  4. Inject Big Bud - 5mL (1/4 Strength)
  5. Inject Mammoth P - 0.7mL
    6.Inject Hydroguard - 7.5 mL

Upon checking the pH bottles about an hour after I injected the “after-fill” additives (Big Bud, Mammoth P, Hydroguard) I noticed that the pH up (Bottle 1) had dispensed more than it ever has in one distribution, it also dispensed some pH down at some point. @chris_barfield is this going to inhibit the effectiveness of my additives being that it added more pH after the additives were administered?

Water Change Stats:

Water Out:

-The residual Recharge continues to clear out of my system, each water change becomes lighter and lighter in color.

pH: 6.0
PPM700: 1680 (STILL HIGH!)

Any input on EC/PPM would be appreciated, I’m assuming it was caused by the build up of Recharge in the reservoir. Any ideas on how I could effectively lower these amounts? @vegetato @Russel_Richardson @Jamminbear

Water In:

3 Gal Distilled Water w/ 11mL Rhino Skin mixed in

pH. 6.0 (Not sure it is possible to properly measure pH of this solution as the buffer is not yet added)
EC: 0.0
PPM700: 0

Bottles 3 & 4 were replaced prior to fill, I then added the remainder of the old bottles to the new after fill. The marks on the new bottles were made after pouring in the old.


That probably is residual recharge. Will be interesting to see what the next drain clocks in at.

You could try mixing a bit of each additive into a smaller container of RO/distilled water to get a read on how it affects the EC/PPM on its own (specifically the recharge). Then mix them together one by one to get an idea of what they’re doing when combined etc.

My best guess is that it started to pH down but the solution was already drifting downward, causing it to react in the other direction. Hard to say without knowing the values at each point in time (did it use the up or down first, for example).

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