SWSVIC’s First Grow (Ever...) ILGM GDP

I was shocked :joy: thought my float switches were malfunctioning, was waiting for it to overflow.


When I top I add 3 days a week if I top more than once at a time.


Thanks B!


Yeah I stopped thinking as adding a week to recover and more of a “where is my plant at” height wise and does it look ready to start the transition. Being GDP you may want to get to the top of the fan but if you see that she’s growing a lot before transition then I would before you hit the second fan. But to be honest, your first grow in the box I would just allow for recovery, an added week, maybe a bit longer, and then go into transition (unless she’s way too small) just to get a feel for the box and the plant for that matter. I was fortunate enough to have a low lying first plant so I didn’t encounter a lot of issues but I’ve seen people for their first grow (ever) in the box, run into some serious space issues and that can be very overwhelming for some. Just my 2 cents :+1:


You’re the man Russ :facepunch:


I went ahead and removed the initial fan leaves as they were resting on the floor of the grow area and had a small amount of visible damage which I’m contributing to them dragging on the ground as they continued to grow (See image below). I’m on day 26, 2nd day of Late Veg, she appears to be very happy and growing quickly in my unprofessional opinion :rofl:. I’d really like some advice on when and how to start pruning. What are the objectives in this late veg. stage? Thanks!


Add a couple weeks to her if shes almost done this stage. Id let her get a little bigger


She just started, only second day of late vegetation.

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Add at least a week if not 2


Copy that, will see where she’s at a day or two before Late Veg. ends and decide between 1 or 2. Told myself I wasn’t going to extend any extra other than minimal necessary training recovery time as my goal is fast grows of very high quality, quantity while important to most ranks low on my list of desires (I believe you fall into the same category as I). I dove deep down the genetics rabbit hole and have too many fun strains to get through :joy:. Not to mention dispensaries around me keep me plenty happy.

Where you at on pruning? When do you typically start and what is the objective of pruning during late veg?


Once the 4th/5th set of leaves or your tops most ones anyway get bigger than your hand and/or they’re blocking the lower inner growth, that’s what I do anyway. Lots of stuff underneath to take its place :+1:


Thanks Russel :call_me_hand:

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Day 29 (5 of 14 Late Veg.)

Water Change Stats:

Water out:
-pH: 6.0
-EC: 1.3
-PPM700: 880
-Gallons out: 1.9

Water in:
-Solution: 3 Gallons Distilled Water, 11mL Rhino Skin, 7.5mL Revive, 6mL Hydroguard, 3.75mL Revharge, 5 drops pH down.
-pH: 6.1
-EC: 0.0
-PPM700: 20
-Gallons in: 2.25

Observations & Questions:

-5 days after topping, she appears very happy and the two new cola’s are growing rather quickly. I will be training them via LST.

-I introduced Rhino Skin from Advanced Nutrients to my regiment today at half strength, will remain at 50% until flower and then shift to full strength for 4-6 weeks. The Rhino Skin raised the solution’s pH to 7.4 immediately after mixing. I gave the it 2 hours to rest prior to conducting my drain fill during which the pH naturally came down to 7.1, thus I opted to manually adjust the pH by administering 5 drops of pH down which brought the pH down to 6.1.

-The Grobo seems to be administering a lot of nutrients in comparison to what I have seen when reviewing other grower’s levels at this same point in their grow. I’m only a month in and a pretty good amount of bottles 3, 4, and 5 have been dispensed. Is this normal? I have alternated colors for nutrient control indicator lines, the green line is last weeks water change and the black is this week. See pic below:

As always thank you all for your time and advice!

Grow well,


Nutrients get used heavily for both extending stages and for certain strains just eat or drink more.


Glad I have backups on backups, at this rate the 3, 4, and 5 won’t make it through half the grow. Appreciate your help Todd :facepunch:.

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How many advanced nutrient products are you using in conjunction with the Grobo nutes?


Currently in late veg. I am running:

I will be adding the following during flower:

And finishing with:


Interesting to see how it goes for you

I’ve picked up 3 of there nutes to try as well - Have a second Grobo on order - Will be interesting to experiment with and without these is my plan for next grow


Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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Also I feel that I should mention that I am running all of these at less than full strength (Other than Hydroguard). I started off at 1/2 strength and have been gradually working my way up over time as the plant grows/is able to handle a heavier nutrient/additive/beneficial load. I mix the solution 2 hours prior to filling to avoid pH spikes and I have also begun pHing the solution prior to filling the Grobo as the Rhino Skin does increase pH to around 7.5 (lowered to near 7.0 after 2 hours).

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