SWSVIC’s Bloom Seed Co. Grape Guava 🍇

Love watching you do your thing! Quick question: Seems to me that you basically have a complete separate grow set up ready to explode. Why put so much extra into the Grobo?

I’ve seem some others do the same, and I was in the process myself, but decided to invest that money into a separate system where I’m in charge (nutes, lighting, etc). I’m currently using the Grobo as my ‘control’ (mostly for scheduling purposes and to see what I can do differently with the same genetics).

My $.02 . Excited to watch your progress!


Some play with their toys differently such as modding cars and computer :smile:


I may do so in the future. For now though, I’m having a great time with the box.


Yes I will certainly use a controller once a bottle is involved.

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I wouldn’t spend too much on the tank since you will not be able to hold onto and keep the bottle unless you can find a station that fills the bottle itself as most of the co2 stations around me have a bottle exchange program. I just got the cheapest 20 lb co2 bottle I could to get myself into the exchange program, its not worth paying $250+ for the tank. I got mines for $120 on amazon =].