Supplemental light sources ☮️

Hell yes, this is awesome.



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One thing I’ve noticed is the “reflective paint” that’s used inside the chamber of the grobo is actually effective. Even b4 introducing extra light, I noticed the parts of the plant that lay against the walls are flourishing as well as parts receiving direct light. When I lean the branches forward the bud sites,in the back so to speak, are equivalent to the ones in front.
So I’m thinking my next run will be done with this light set up(vertical center). Closely above during early stages but centered vertically once the plant has established. I will be attempting to use a type of Vertical Trellis fixture inside the Grobo. Sort of like a tomatoe plant trellis. It’s circular with 3 tiers. I’ll attempt to train the plant and drop the light down the center.
If nothing else… It should make for an interesting grow. :recycle::bulb::peace_symbol:




Check out @SilverGrobo’s manifold training grobo grow, would be perfect for what you are looking to attempt.


I was thinking the same thing! @Chem13dog check out this thread if you haven’t seen it yet.
Blueberry - Indica - Grows


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This is a solid technique. Mainlining is definitely the techn I’ll be attempting. That grow was solid. Aside from the excessive training that undoubtedly stunted the growth of the plant(plus it was an auto). That was an excellent example of what I’ll be trying to replicate. With a few adjustments of my own of course. That grow was clean , effective, and very well executed. Shouts out to @SilverGrobo @SWSVIC @Chad_Johnson for the very valuable info.
I will take this information out into the world and make bud FRUITFUL & MULTIPLY :+1:t5::sunflower::recycle::bulb:


Ok people…small update :bulb:
In the interests of full disclosure.
It appears that the LEDs are pumping out enough lumens to cause some very minor leaf burn.
:rotating_light: Very minor but noticable.


Is there a dimming option? maybe worth trying out.


Were those leaves touching the lights? That will happen with Grobo’s LED as well, so it’s worth noting imo. If anything is within an inch of those lights, it is bound to cause some sort of light burn regardless for sure. Just curious!

I wonder if you can defoliate accordingly early on to keep stuff away from them if it will make a difference or not.


I actually had serious burn damage on one of the top Colas from the Grobo’s light. I carefully removed it and the surrounding burnt leaves and she’s still doing great.
Those leaves were in fact, in direct contact with the LEDs for more than 2-3 weeks.
I inspected the areas around the LEDs for possible issues.
There were none. These mild burns occurred on “Satellites” that were set to be trimmed, removed, or die off anyways. Therefore for this grow I’ve decided to proceed with use of the LEDs.
I was in the process of minor defoliation when I discovered the few " Satellites" had been affected. It was not an issue.
And I agree… The Grobo’s light is the one to worry about. I’ve had to train down 3/5 of my main Colas.
I recently did some research on " Controlling Stretch" and will be attempting to apply to my next grow that should be started by the end of year.