Superroots air-pots


Ever try them? Pros and cons plz. Looking into them, but there is a lot of mixed reviews. I’ve never liked fabric pots.


Heard great things they really helps bring a lot of oxygen to the root system :facepunch:t4:


I use 5 gallon Spring Pots in my 4X8 tent exclusively. They’re on their 10 grow so I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of them.


I’ve used them and still have a couple in rotation. I do notice they dry out quicker and need to be watered more often, but I’ve not noticed an increase in growth rate or yield. Actually had one die cause I missed watering it more than the others. Overall my feeling is meh…



Yeah, a lot of hype about them, but I’ve also heard that can be messy and difficult to water. Gonna give one a go next tent plant.