Super Silver Haze by ILGM - First grow (from a seed)

Its a spare bathroom, shower never gets used.

(its where we keep our hoarded toilet paper)


Right on, that’s good…

Gotta remember though that in bathrooms there is a high risk of mold and such where ever there is any type of spot for moisture to build up behind seals, walls, tubs, sink drains, etc… Also toilets and sinks etc… Might be something to think about.

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Ok, that is good to know. I may try another location if this persists.

*here in California its a law that rental properties have exhaust fans blowing 24 hrs a day in bathrooms for fire code. It drives me crazy in winter, I cant get a steamy shower going at all!!


Oh man that’s crazy… that would be annoying to listen to for 24 hours, especially when it’s a smaller rental property.

Anyway, the plant is looking much better either way. Hope it all works out :slight_smile:


Over 2 weeks since hydrogen peroxide spray. I notice it returning on a leaf or bud occasionally and I douse it with Neem oil, this is happening less and less, so I feel I’m on the right track.
(This also seems to happen on the buds side that is facing back wall. Maybe I did not spray enough there, or I took the big fan away before the backsides dried…)

I was hoping I’d see more growth from the buds, but they are growing slowly.
Extended flower 3 weeks now, we are on day 41 of 63.


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  • (Some Strains [:dna:] Don’t Get The Big Fat Colas): (At This Point We Are Just Looking At The Trichomes To Judge For Flush Time -And- Harvesting Time):


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