Super Silver Haze by ILGM - First grow (from a seed)

Since my last plant got huge, I would probably flip into transition at this stage for sure to avoid it getting too big after the stretch. Looks good imo, I think you probably could if you wanted. Grobo recommends being to the 2nd fan before transition, it looks like the highest points of your plant are touching that level


Waiting for her to recover from adding screen, trimming, and a final top cut. Transition in 3 days…

…pretty sure leaf damage is only on leaves I tucked or bent.


Looks great!


That Screen must have took some doin :slightly_smiling_face:!!

Was the wait intentional or just a little late & its not the wire one that I’m Europe Waiting" for :thinking:??

Must say though that’s one nice looking grow m8 :wink:

Only hope my First born is goin down the same road :roll_eyes:!:wink:!..

Day 3/14


@Gmann - I found using magnets and gardening wires worked great to spread out the canopy before using the screen. (its a kitchen shelf attachment a lot of growers here use)
I was actually forced to wait to introduce the screen because my stem had dampened off and needed the wires to straighten out. That happened because my top float was not working properly. And because of that I was removing the plant a lot more often than I would have liked to check water levels. The screen would have made that harder.
Grobo support sorted me out with a new float and replacement directions the week before I was about to transition.
But I like the way it worked out, and I think ill do the same next time.
(except for the rot issue :wink:)

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