Super Scrogging in The Grobo by Mr.420 ;)


Y you do this! Is there a method to your madness? (In layman’s terms, I realize I can Google scrogging.)

That plant is in need of defoliation. A lot of darkness below the top set of fan leaves. Appears completely dark half way down all the way to the bottom. No light penetration.

Probably the most aggressive scorg I’ve seen :man_shrugging:. Could just be my old eyes playing tricks

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Hey ladies and gentlemen, the reasoning for doing this is it allows more access to all main branches for trimming, it also sections off portions of the plant where the nodes need to be clipped or trimmed, more air way passages for air flow and it helps stabilize all branches in flowering time to not cause main colas from bending or breaking when they get heavy. As far as my bottom canopy I do trim, top, and lollipop my plants but left these images in beginning stages to show in a descriptive manner how the scrog/drying lines are there and how I strategically placed them.