Strawberry Hydroponics Experiment in Grobo

@bjorn do you have pics of your setup with the drying racks? Or has that not had to happen yet?

@rainstorm3 That hasn’t happened yet but I’ll do it soon and share some photos!

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@bjorn I’m curious to know if your strawberries are still going?

My outside plants are producing fruit like crazy right now! Here’s one of them


@rainstorm3 Those look amazing!! I actually just put in my drying racks yesterday and was excited to share a picture with you. I have some small strawberries growing and the plant is looking healthy. Both of my plants outside stopped flowering for the past ~4-6 weeks and neither of them are producing fruit again yet so I’m happy that the cutting is flowering. I’m wondering if they were somehow bred to produce fruit early in the year so that they sell well in the nurseries…


@bjorn looking good!!

I found that the strawberry plants I bought at the nursery only flowered once the first year. Now I’m on year three with a couple of them (and new ones started with cuttings from those same plants) and they flowered once lightly earlier in the season and this is the second flower with about triple the fruit I got last time! Wait it out!


That might be what I’m going through right now then. Were you able to bring your plants inside during the winter to keep them alive?

Strawberries are good to stay outside if covered from frost. If there in buckets or containers you can leave em in your garage.

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@bjorn echo what @ToddYYC said! I left mine outside last winter. That being said I’m on the “wet” coast and our winters are pretty mild. Just make sure the plants don’t deep freeze to the root.

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Awesome tips! They are planters so I’ll move them into the garage for the winter then get them out into the sun again next year. You learn something everyday :slight_smile:


Bring them back out in March. The same time you bring out your bee house!

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The strawberries have started! I was moving last week and lost a couple in that process, but the rest rebounded quickly and it will soon be time to enjoy my first Grobo grown strawberry!




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Send us some!

@SterlingNico They’re too delicious for me to give up! It’s been pretty cool to watch how the plant itself hasn’t grown tons but there are more and more flowers and strawberries growing on it. (Yes, I’ve enjoyed a bunch already and still have more!)


@ToddYYC could you go into detail on what you mean about the lid? I’m a little slower but your idea sounds interesting …

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I knew someone besides me would do it eventually. You already went the opposite way too. I sent grobo sample photos of one I modified. Imma slide it in on my next grow. I just wanted a full grow beg to end for experience before I use it. Plus I sorta want it ready to go for spring or what not. Dm me your email chris I’ll send you photos of what i did when i get back to Calgary tomorrow

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can you tell me what recipe you used for your strawberries.

@Growbot Awesome question. I think I used a Tiny Tim Tomato recipe for it since it has a nice long grow time.

You can try that, otherwise, you can also request a strawberry recipe as well!


OK thanks. I did request one and am using Tiny Tim to grow tomatoes right now. Have you grown amy since?

Awesome! No I haven’t grown any strawberries again. I just grew some mint, but my unit is used for all kinds of testing so it’s hard to grow any long duration plants. :slight_smile:

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